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Introducing Enryakuji Temple!

This video, titled "Walking Around Mt.Hiei-zan Enryaku-ji Temple (Kyoto, Japan)," was created by "Anna Film Production."
It's an introductory video of Enryakuji Temple located in Otsu (大津市), Shiga prefecture.

Enryakuji Temple was founded by the Japanese monk Saicho (最澄) (767 AD - 822 AD) some time between the end of the Nara Period (790 AD) and the beginning of the Heian Period (800 AD) and is the headquarters of the Tendai sect of Japanese Buddhism.
The video shows the large lecture hall, Amida-do (阿弥陀堂) from 4:46, the pagoda Hokke Soji-in Todo (法華総寺院東塔) from 4:57 as well as the following buildings: Sannouin (山王院堂), the Saito Area (西塔), Tsubakido (椿堂), Jogyodo (常行堂), Hokkedo (法華堂), Ninaido (にない堂), Shakado (釈迦堂), Eshindo (恵心堂) and Konponnyohoto (根本如法塔).
Please enjoy taking a look at the unique scenery of each of the temple's areas in the video.

The History of Enryakuji Temple

Image of Kaidan-in Temple, Mt. Hiei, Shiga Prefecture
Photo:Kaidan-in Temple, Mt. Hiei, Shiga Prefecture

Enryakuji Temple, also known as Eizan (叡山), is a temple located in Sakamoto Honcho (坂本本町) in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture.
Enryakuji Temple dates all the way back to the 8th century when the then 19-year-old monk Saicho built a simple thatched hut.
Mt. Hiei, the mountain on which Enryakuji Temple is built, has been worshipped since ancient times and is even mentioned in the Kojiki.
The Japanese god or "kami" Oyamakui (大山咋神) is the deity enshrined here.

Many famous monks, such as Kukai (空海), also known as Kobo Daishi (弘法大師), have trained on Mt. Hiei, making it one of the most important mountains for Buddhism in Japan.
During the Warring States Period (1467 AD - 1615 AD), Enryakuji Temple was famously burned to the ground by the warlord Oda Nobunaga (織田信長); however the temple was later rebuilt by Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣秀吉) (1536 AD - 1598 AD) and Tokugawa Ieyasu (徳川家安) ( 1541 AD - 1616).

Highlights of Enryakuji Temple and Mount Hiei

Image of Enryakuji Temple, Mt. Hiei, Shiga Prefecture
Photo:Enryakuji Temple, Mt. Hiei, Shiga Prefecture

Enryakuji Temple is home to many national treasures and Important Cultural Properties as well as being registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto" (古都京都の文化財).
Over one hundred sub-temples cover the vast temple grounds and the three main areas of the temple "Todo" (東塔), "Saito" (西塔), and "Yokawa" (横川) are generally referred to as "Santo" (三塔, santou) meaning "the three pagodas."

We highly recommend taking a trip to Enryakuji Temple to visit one or more of the many fascinating temple buildings, such as Kokuhoden (国宝殿) or Rurido (瑠璃堂).
Don't forget to collect seal stamps, known as "go-shuin," as you visit the different temples!
You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) from the temple grounds!

Summary of Mt. Hiei and Enryakuji Temple

Image of Enryakuji Temple, Mt. Hiei, Shiga Prefecture
Photo:Enryakuji Temple, Mt. Hiei, Shiga Prefecture

Enryakuji Temple is a dynamic sightseeing spot consisting of multiple buildings that cover the mountainous area stretching from Lake Biwa to Kyoto.
As you can imagine after watching the video, it would take a fairly long time to visit each and every one of the halls and buildings of Enryakuji Temple.
We highly recommend booking a hotel in the surrounding area and participating in one of the local tours to make the most of your visit to Mt. Hiei in Shiga Prefecture.

◆Mount Hiei and Enryakuji Temple - Information Summary◆
【Address】Shiga Prefecture, Otsu City, Sakamoto Honmachi 4220
【Access】Take the Hieizan Railway Line cable car to Cable Sakamoto Station (ケーブル坂元駅) (35 minutes by car from Otsu city center)
【Hours】Todo area – March to November 8.30am – 4.30pm, December 9am – 4pm, January to February 9am – 4.30pm Saito area and Yokawa area - March to November 9am – 4pm, December 9.30am – 3.30pm, January to February 9.30am – 4pm
【Enryakuji Temple Tourist Pass】Adults – 1000 yen, Junior High School Students – 600 yen, Elementary School Students – 300 yen

【Official Website】Tendai School of Buddhism Headquarters, Mount Hiei, Enryakuji Temple

【Tripadvisor】Mount Hiei, Enryakuji Temple

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Enryakuji Temple – Revered as a Sacred Mountain Since Ancient Times, the Entire Mountain Is a Sanctuary of Power! The History of Mt. Hiei and How To Navigate the More Than 100 Halls on the Mountain in Shiga Prefecture!
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