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Sunflower Sapporo: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Japan's Overnight Capsule Ferry 24 Hour Travel from Tokyo to Hokkaido|Mitsui MOL Ferry Co.|Sunflower|Boat Journey|Oarai to Tomakomai" (Japan's Overnight Capsule Ferry|24 Hour Travel from Tokyo to Hokkaido 商船三井フェリー さんふらわあ 船旅 大洗→苫小牧), was uploaded by "Travel Alone Idea."

On the very same commercial route, MOL Ferry's Sunflower Sapporo has attracted attention for its success in unmanned operation. This article/video will guide you through the ferry trip as if you were on a tour. If you're looking for different ways to travel in Japan knowing what each type of transportation offers is important. The video will also take a look at the accommodations and restaurants on board, so be sure to check it out.

Sunflower Sapporo – A Ferry for Travelers

Image of the Tomakomai Ferry Terminal, Tomakomai, Hokkaido
Photo:Tomakomai Ferry Terminal, Tomakomai, Hokkaido

The Sunflower Sapporo ferry runs between Oarai Port in Ibaraki Prefecture and Tomakomai Port in Hokkaido.
Fares vary from 9,800 yen to 63,200 yen depending on the accommodation type you choose. Fares also vary by season. If you're planning on bringing a car with you on the ferry, you'll need to check those rates as well.
The Sunflower Furano is a ferry of the same type as the Sunflower Sapporo, and both ferries operate at night.

Guest Rooms on the Sunflower Sapporo

The Sunflower Sapporo offers several types of accommodations. The large "Tourist" accommodations with only a curtain partition are recommended for seasoned travelers and those who wish to enjoy a cruise that doesn't break the bank.

The "Comfort Type" accommodations shown in the video are casual rooms that are set up as private rooms and offer more privacy. Each room is equipped with a TV so you can relax during your trip.
[Video] 3:18 - Comfort Type Guest Room

Other accommodations include the "premium" type, which features deluxe rooms with private balconies, as well as the "suite" type, and even Japanese-style accommodations.

Breakfast and Services on the Sunflower Sapporo

The Sunflower Sapporo has a buffet-style restaurant where passengers can enjoy a meal with a lovely view of the sea, for an additional fee. The ship also has a store where you can buy souvenirs, a large public bath, a sauna, coin-operated laundry machines, a game center, and other services to help you enjoy your trip. Free Wi-Fi is also available on board, although the connection might be a bit slow for video streaming.
[Video] 5:40 - Restaurants Onboard the Ferry

Sunflower Sapporo's Pet Policy

Pets are allowed on the Sunflower Sapporo. Pet rooms are available for pets, and the ferry also offers rooms for those who wish to stay with their pets during their voyage. Both require advance reservations and filling out a confirmation form, so please keep this in mind when making reservations.
There is also a free dog run so your pet can enjoy the cruise as well. It's quite accommodating for those looking to travel with their pets!

Tokyo-Sapporo Pacific Story: An Affordable Way to Explore Japan

Pacific Story is a connecting ticket that offers special discount rates for express buses and ferries from Tokyo Station to Sapporo Station. It eliminates the hassle of purchasing a ticket when transferring between buses and ferries, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free journey.
You can also arrange your trip so that you can stay overnight in Mito or Oarai, or in Tomakomai or Sapporo. To use Pacific Story, reservations must be made at the Passenger Booking Centers.

Summary of the Sunflower Sapporo

Image of sunset from a ferry
Photo:Sunset from a ferry

The Sunflower Sapporo and Sunflower Furano are overnight ferries and are favorites among boat travelers.
The best part of traveling by boat is that you can spend time relaxing and enjoying the view of the sea, something you cannot experience when traveling by plane or train. Consider trying this means of transportation as a way to enjoy the sea as you travel between Tokyo and Sapporo!

【Official Website】Mitsui O.S.K. Ferry Co.|If You're Traveling by Sea, MOL Ferry

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Sunflower Sapporo – Experience a Ferry Ride From Tokyo to Hokkaido + A Cabin and Restaurant Tour
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