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Fushimi Inari Shrine's Hongu Festival in Full Swing! Enjoy the Hot Summer of Kyoto With the Powerful Sounds of Taiko Drums in Kyoto's Fushimi Ward!
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With Lanterns Over 17 Meters Tall, the Noshiro Tanabata Festival in Noshiro, Akita Is One of Japan's Most Beautiful Festivals!
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Kyoto's Gion Matsuri Is One of the Top Three Festivals in Japan!  Make the Most Of Your Summer in Japan by Watching
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This video, titled "Gion Matsuri: Yasaka Shrine Events (Omukae chochin/Hanagasa junko/Kankousai)," was released by "Discover Kyoto."

The Gion Festival in Kyoto has a strong image of a breathtaking parade of floats, but don't miss the events introduced in the video, such as the welcoming lanterns, the Hanagasa Festival, and more.

The Gion Festival is a long-running festival that begins on July 1 and continues all the way 'til July 31st, when the Nagoshi-no-Harai ceremony is held.
Rituals and events are held almost every day on the grounds of Yasaka Shrine, where the Gion Festival is held, and in the Kawaramachi and Karasuma areas, which are crowded with tourists.
Summer in Kyoto is hot, so be sure to take precautions against the heat while touring the city in July!

The Gion Festival Is One of the Three Major Festivals in Japan! The Spectacular, Month-Long Festival Is Full of Highlights and Is Very Popular With Tourists!
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