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Sightseeing in Miyagi Prefecture

This video, titled "Miyagi Prefecture Tourism PR Video" (宮城県観光PR映像), was released by "Design Plus Free Video Stockroom" (デザインプラス無料動画素材倉庫).

This article will introduce recommended scenic spots and information on popular food in and around Miyagi Prefecture, alongside the video.

Miyagi Prefecture, a Popular Tourist Destination in Japan

Miyagi Prefecture is located in the northeastern part of Japan, facing the Pacific Ocean, and is an area of great natural beauty.

The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 caused extensive damage, particularly in Minamisanriku.
Reconstruction is now underway, and the area is returning to its previous form with all of the delicious cuisine that it once enjoyed.
Enjoy sightseeing in Miyagi, a place with a variety of things to do!

Places to Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Miyagi

Akiu Great Falls, one of the most famous waterfalls in Japan's Tohoku region, offers a spectacular view.
The 55-meter tall waterfall is impressive to say the least.

Okama, the symbol of Mt. Zao, offers a unique view that cannot be seen anywhere else.
You'll be amazed at the mysterious colors of the lake, which changes to five different colors depending on the sun's rays.

Delicious Food in Miyagi, a Popular Tourist Destination in Japan

As a popular tourist destination in Japan, Miyagi is full of delicious cuisine.

The first thing it's famous for is Miyagi beef tongue.
The thick, charcoal-grilled beef tongue, topped with chopped greens and pickled vegetables, is exquisite.
Come to Miyagi and enjoy some delicious beef tongue, which is thick, yet tender and full of juices!

Besides that, the seafood grown on high quality plankton from the Sanriku Coast, is bursting with flavor, and the seafood, sushi, and sea eels are gourmet delicacies that you don't want to miss out on when visiting Miyagi Prefecture.
The sake in Miyagi is also delicious, so be sure to try some on a night out.

Summary of Sightseeing in Miyagi Prefecture

The video in this article introduces the sights and sounds of Miyagi Prefecture in beautiful quality.

Miyagi Prefecture is full of natural beauty and gourmet food.
It's a refreshing experience, so if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, be sure to drop in for a visit!

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Last Updated : May. 22, 2022
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Miyagi Prefecture Recovers From the Devastation of the Earthquake and Welcomes More Tourists! Gourmet Food, Natural Scenery, Traditions, and More... Introducing the Charms of Miyagi Prefecture!
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