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This video, titled "[Shocking] an Incredible Creature Next to the Ferry Terminal..." (【衝撃】フェリー乗り場の隣で信じられない生物が・・・), was released by "釣りよかでしょう。"

The video shows young men fishing next to the ferry terminal.
They are getting impatient due to the lack of fish, and finally discover the shadow of a fish that reacts to the fishing rod.
The size of the fish seemed to be different from the usual black rockfish.

When they changed the bait to a lure, the fish was clearly more responsive.
After three rounds of casting, they finally caught it, speculating that it was a sea bass.
The fish wasn't a sea bass, but a bright red sea bream!
It's nice to see the young men so happy to see that they caught a sea bream!

A Fishing Hole Next to the Ferry Landing... What Is the Amazing Fish That Seems to Have Surprised All of These Fisherman?!
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