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This video, titled "Kyoto Tachibana High School Marching Band|Make Magic! Who Cares About the Award, Look at That Performance! Kyoto Tachibana SHS Band|the 31st Kyoto Marching Contest|2018 (GOLD/Gold Award)" (京都橘高校吹奏楽部 Make Magic! 「賞より素敵なShowがある!」Kyoto Tachibana SHS Band 第31回 京都府マーチングコンテスト 2018 (GOLD/金賞)), was released by "voldnuit."

The Kyoto Tachibana High School Symphonic Band is a powerhouse school known for its high level performances and dance skills.
It has made spectacular achievements in the fields of brass band and marching.
Their skills are such that they have represented Asia in the world's largest parade, the "Rose Parade" held in California, USA.
The choreography and dances are a proactive part of the club, with students taking an active role in providing input.

The team won gold in the 2018 marching contest.
The dances are a sight to behold as they play their instruments and never miss a beat.
The performance is a must-see and will make your heart skip a beat!

Beautiful Music and Marching! A Spectacular Performance That Will Captivate All Who See It!
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