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A Beautiful Snowscape of the Kyoto Imperial Palace

This video, "Kyoto・A Snow-Covered Kyoto Imperial Palace|Kyoto Japan 4K Video|Snow FDR-AX100" (京都・雪の京都御所 Kyoto Japan 4K 動画 Snow FDR-AX100), released by "Kyoto 4K Videos Kyoto Videos" (京都4K動画KYOTO VIDEOS), is a valuable video introducing the Kyoto Imperial Palace, which had record snowfall in 2015, in beautiful 4K resolution.

The Kyoto Imperial Palace was once the residence of the emperor.
Currently, the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden situated around the Kyoto Imperial Palace is open to the public as a park.
Many people, including tourists, visit throughout the year as you can enjoy cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, and autumn leaves around the enormous site.
In this article, we'll be introducing the history, highlights, and tourist information of the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

The video was shot early in the morning on a winter day with heavy snowfall.
It showcases the glittering snowscape of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, shining under the morning sun.
It's rare to have snow pile up so high in Kyoto, so definitely use this opportunity to take in the rare sight.

Tourist Information and the History of the Kyoto Imperial Palace

Image of Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kenreimon Gate
Photo:Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kenreimon Gate

The Kyoto Imperial Palace is a facility managed by the Imperial Household Agency's Kyoto Office in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture in Japan's Kansai region.
The Kyoto Imperial Palace is located almost directly in the center of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden, and was the residence of the emperor when the national capital was changed to Kyoto in 794 during the Heian Period, until the Meiji Restoration (around 1853-1867).
The current building that we see today was built in 1855.
You can see the post-Heian period architectural styles of the Shishinden Hall and Seiryoden Hall, which retain the form of the ancient imperial palace.
Also, Oikeniwa garden is very popular due to its beautiful Japanese strolling garden, and in the inner garden, there is a tea room where you can see an earthen bridge and a stone bridge.

Access to the Kyoto Imperial Palace is a 5-minute walk from Imadegawa Station on the Karasuma Subway Line, or a 5-minute walk from Karasuma Imadegawa stop on the city bus.
You can also enter the Kyoto Gyoen National Park from Marutamachi Station off the Karasuma Subway Line.
Parking is also available.

The Kyoto Imperial Palace is open to the public, no reservations are required, and admission is free.
The time in which you can tour the facility differs by season, and it's recommended that you check the Imperial Household Agency website for information regarding holidays, etc.
You can visit freely or participate in the Kyoto Imperial Palace Tour which is held in English, Japanese, and Chinese.
There is also an audio guide app so we recommend using this as well.

In addition, Kyoto Gyoen National Garden is open as a park and can be entered 24 hours a day.
There's the Nakadachiuri and Tominokoji Rest Stations at Kyoto Gyoen National Garden and the Nakadachiuri Rest Station, which opened in 2019, has restaurants and souvenir shops where you can relax and grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

The Snowscape of the Kyoto Imperial Palace

From 0:04, the video begins with a scene of Karasuma Dori that runs west of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden.
The Kyoto Imperial Palace is surrounded by a wall and has 6 gates.

The south gate, called Kenrei-mon Gate, is the main gate of the Kyoto Imperial palace and clockwise from there is Gishu-mon Gate, Seisho-mon Gate, and Kogo-mon Gate the west side. Sakuhei-mon Gate sits at the north and at the southeast is Kenshun-mon Gate.
There are also 12 other entrances with no roofs.
You can see the snowscape of Kenrei-mon Gate from 0:45 and 1:50 in the video.

Summary of the Snowscape of the Kyoto Imperial Palace

This video, "Kyoto・A Snow-Covered Kyoto Imperial Palace|Kyoto Japan 4K Video|Snow FDR-AX100," introduces the snowscape of the Kyoto Imperial Palace in beautiful 4K resolution.
Enjoy the wondrous snowscape of Kyoto Imperial Palace as snow falls from the trees.

【Official Website】Kyoto Imperial Palace

【Tripadvisor】Kyoto Imperial Palace

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A Beautiful 4k Video of the Kyoto Imperial Palace Blanketed in Snow. Enjoy the Mysterious and Wondrous Snowscape That Is Not Seen Often...
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