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This video, titled "Walking around Yokohama Chinatown - Long Take【横浜・中華街】 4K," was released by "NIPPON WANDERING TV."
Yokohama Chinatown is the largest downtown area in Japan and East Asia.
Its history can be traced back to 1859, when the port of Yokohama was opened to create a foreign settlement.

After passing through the Seiryu-mon (Blue Dragon Gate), which guards the eastern side of the city, and walking into the center of the city, you'll gradually start seeing shop signs written in Chinese.
There are over 200 Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, offering everything from well-established fine dining to take-away snacks for walking around.
Enjoy feeling like you've traveled to China without having to leave Japan!

Strolling Through Yokohama's Exotic Chinatown! With More Than 200 Chinese Restaurants, You'll Feel Like You're Not Even in Japan Anymore!
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