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Experience a Water Purification Ceremony at Enryuji Temple

This video, titled "Enryuji - Ono, Fukui Prefecture" (Enryuji [圓立寺] 〜福井県大野市〜), was created by "The Asobigokoro."
The video introduces Enryuji Temple of Ono City in Fukui Prefecture.

Enryuji Temple was founded in 1556 under the Nichiren school of Buddhism.
The temple has a long history, and is the home of many precious items including a set of folding screens depicting the Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry.
In fact, the temple has been designated an Important Cultural Property of Japan.
Mountains surround the temple, creating a stunning landscape of natural beauty.
Here, you can find Oshozu, a spring ranked amongst Japan's top 100 water sources.
As the temple's nickname "temple of the flowing waters" suggests, you can experience a Misogi purification ritual at the temple.

Refresh your mind and body at Enryuji Temple

The Nichiren school has a spiritual training ritual known as "Hyaku Nichi Dai-Aragyo" (百日大荒行), or the "Hundred Days of Asceticism."
The current Osho priest, the 33rd Hikyu (日久), has completed this ritual five times.
He is now carrying out missionary activities using the temple as a space for prayer.
The Misogi ritual of Enryuji Temple involves immersing yourself in the waters while chanting sutras, as well as undergoing prayer and meditation, and copying sutras and sermons.

In addition, you can also receive qigong therapy to relieve physical and mental pain and improve your body’s natural healing capabilities.
After going through the Misogi ritual and qigong therapy, we daresay you'll feel like a completely refreshed version of yourself.
From 1:26 in the video, you can see the members of the general public participating in the ritual.

Recommended Sightseeing Locations in the Echizen-Ono Area

Echizen Ono is an area with a distinctly traditional Japanese atmosphere, giving it the nickname "The Little Kyoto of Hokuriku."
Ono Castle (大野城, ono-jo) is located in the center of the city, with a beautifully laid-out grid of towns extending out from it.
The cityscape is known as one of the Top 100 Cityscapes of Japan, with many tourists visiting every year to see it.

The morning market held every morning on Shichiken-dori Street is particularly popular, and the market has a history that dates back more than 400 years.
There are also many hot springs facilities and hotels in the vicinity of Enryuji Temple.

Summary of Enryuji Temple

Enryuji Temple attracts visitors from both within Japan and from overseas.
Many of these visitors come solely to participate in the purification ceremony.
In the video, you can see visitors to the temple cleansing their minds and bodies through this ceremony.
Be sure to visit Enryuji Temple in Fukui Prefecture for a one-of-a-kind experience.

【Official Website】Enryuji Temple|Echizen-Ono's Temple of the Flowing Waters

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Experience the Spiritual Waters of Enryuji Temple in Fukui Prefecture! The Misogi Purification Ritual Will Cleanse Both Your Mind and Body!
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