[Image1]The additional date of this year's Atami Marine Fireworks Festival has been decided, and we will inf

The additional date of this year's Atami Marine Fireworks Festival has been decided, and we will inform you along with the date that has already been announced. (As of April 6, 2024)

【2024 (Reiwa 6) Atami Marine Fireworks Festival】
Spring 4/13 (Sat), 5/2 (Thu)
Summer 7/26 (Fri), 8/5 (Mon), 8/8 (Thu), 8/18 (Sun), 8/23 (Fri)
Autumn: 9/16 (Mon), 10/14 (Mon), 10/19 (Sat), 11/4 (Mon)
Winter 12/8 (Sun), 12/22 (Sun)
Sunday, March 23, 2025

* This time it was added on 10/14, 12/22, and 3/23/2025.

Time: 20:20~20:40 (20:20~20:45 only in July and August)
Venue: Atami Bay *Held rain or shine
* The above dates and times are scheduled. Please note that it is subject to change depending on the future situation.

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Apr. 4, 2024
* The image is from the past. From 4/9 (Tue) ~ 16 (Tue), the Ichimura Foundation For New Technology "Botanical Research Garden" will be open to the public in spring. "Kiyoeso" was the villa of the late Mr. and Mrs. Kiyoshi Ichimura and Mr. and Mrs. Yukie, the founders of the Ricoh Sanai Group. After that, it was used as a recreation center for the Ricoh Sanai Group, but in Showa 63 (Showa 63), Mrs. Yukie passed away, and the foundation received a bequest according to the will of the deceased. A mountain stream flows through the park, and many trees, flowers, mosses, etc. make up the plant ecosystem. In addition, you can see Sagami Bay and Hatsushima Island below, and Izu Oshima Island in the distance, and it is surrounded by mountains and trees. Normally, it is only used by researchers involved in plant research, but Implementation is open to the public twice: in spring, when fresh greenery and flowers are in full bloom, and in autumn, when the autumn leaves are beautiful. Please take this opportunity to see the beautiful spring garden. [Ichimura Kiyoshin Technology Foundation "Botanical Research Garden" open to the public in spring] Period: April 9, 2024 (Tue) ~ 16 (Tue) Address: Atami City Ainohara-cho 11-8 Phone: 0557-81-2656 Opening Hours: 9:30 a.m. ~ 3:30 p.m. (Closed) Fee: Free of charge Transportation: From JR Atami Station and JR Raingu Station, take a bus bound for "Ainohara Housing Complex" Use→ get off at "Kami-Ainohara" → walk down about 50 meters * Depending on the situation, the schedule may be changed in a hurry, so please check the foundation's Home page before visiting.