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2 days ago
Introducing the post COOL JAPAN VIDEOS official social media account "Okhotsk Ozora Town Tourism Association"! Hokkaido Ozora Town is a town in the east of Hokkaido. There are plenty of attractive spots such as "Roadside Station NonkyLand Higashimokoto", which also has a hotel, and "Meruhen no Oka", where you can enjoy a superb view like a painting. We also recommend the local gourmet "Ozora pork shabu long modon".
Okhotsk Ozora Town Tourism Association
16 days ago
Nice to meet everyone who watched the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS!
This is the Okhotsk Ozora Town Tourism Association that disseminates attractive information about Hokkaido Ozora Town.

Ozora Town is a town located in the east of Hokkaido and was formed in 2006 by the merger of Memanbetsu Town and Higashi Mokoto Village.
In this first post, we will introduce the highlights of the Ozora Town. Enjoy!

We will introduce how to access Hokkaido Ozora Town.
【Access by plane】
◯ Tokyo Haneda Airport 〜 Memanbetsu Airport ... Approx. 1 hour 50 minutes
◯ Sapporo New Chitose Airport 〜 Memanbetsu Airport ... Approx. 50 minutes
◯ Osaka・Kansai International Airport 〜 Memanbetsu Airport ... Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes

【Access by train】
◯ JR Sapporo Station 〜 JR Memanbetsu Station ... About 5 hours 30 minutes by "Limited Express Okhotsk" / JR Asahikawa Station ~ JR Memanbetsu Station...About 3 hours 30 minutes by "Limited Express Oyuki"
◯ Sapporo 〜 Memanbetsu ... Approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes by intercity bus "Dreamint Okhotsk" (reservation required)

Hokkaido Ozora Town has a climate with a large temperature difference, so it is recommended to check the weather forecast when planning a trip.
Since there is little precipitation throughout the year, there are many sunny days, making it perfect for sightseeing!
In summer, the average temperature is around 20°C, making it a comfortable climate.
Snowfall in winter is from late October to late April. The minimum temperature can be -27°C, and the cold is severe in the region.

A Ozora Town where you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons!
From here, we will introduce the sightseeing spots.
With the arrival of warm spring, the Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park (Higashimokoto moss phlox Park), where the beautiful pink carpet of the moss phlox spreads, is a popular moss phlox spot.
The park has an observatory, a pink torii gate, and a sightseeing wheel.
The picturesque scenery in the vast park is a must-see! (Flowering time around May ~ early June)

In summer, the vast sunflower field is in full bloom, and yellow flowers spread out like the sun.
"Tomap River Park" is the earliest sunflower field in the Ozora Town.
It is located about 10 minutes by car from Memanbetsu Airport and has good access. (Flowering time: mid ~ late July)

Asahigaoka Park, which is famous for enjoying sunflowers for a long time, is a popular spot for the superb view from the observatory.
From the observatory, you can overlook Lake Abashiri, Mt. Shari, and the Shiretoko mountain range. (Flowering time: late July ~ mid-September)

The sunflower field next to Memanbetsu Airport is a hot place in social media where you can take pictures of airplanes and sunflowers!
You can enjoy about 400,000 sunflowers. (Flowering time: early ~ late August)
Since it is located next to Memanbetsu Airport, you can take pictures as if an airplane is taking off and landing in a sunflower field.

"Roadside Station NonkyLand Higashimokoto" with a hotel is also a popular spot!
At the shop, you can enjoy local flavors such as souvenirs, local specialties, "juicy meat buns" of Hokkaido beef and long potatoes.
It is also possible to stay at "Hotel Higashimokoto" in the Roadside Station. You can choose from twin, DLX twin, and Japanese-style rooms. There are no hot springs in the hotel, but there is a hot spring facility "Fureai Center Phlox" about 2 minutes by car from the hotel or about 9 minutes on foot, equipped with a whirlpool bath and sauna. You can slowly heal the fatigue of traveling.

Located about 10 minutes by car from Memanbetsu Airport, "Meruhen no Oka" is also a popular tourist destination that cannot be missed.
It is a famous spot for its fairytale scenery lined with seven larches.
The vast countryside spreads out and you can enjoy the picturesque scenery.
One of the highlights is the nearby Roadside Station "Meruhen no Oka Memanbetsu"!
There is a corner selling freshly caught locally and a local product corner, and you can enjoy gourmet food using local ingredients such as "Ozora pork shabu long modon" at the on-site restaurant.
There is also a free "dog run" where dogs can easily play.

Mt. Mokoto, where you can enjoy the rich nature, is also a recommended tourist destination.
It has been selected as one of the national "Nature 100 Selections". The altitude is about 1000m, so you can easily enjoy trekking!
One of the highlights is the spring water near the 8th station, the famous water "Ginrei Water".

Next, we will introduce the hot spring facilities in Ozora Town.
If you want to enjoy hot springs in Ozora Town, we recommend the town-run public bath facility "Memanbetsu Agricultural Structure Improvement Center Himawari Onsen"!
You can easily enjoy the hot springs flowing directly from the source with a day trip bath.
The hot water is abundant and the spring quality is sodium bicarbonate chloride spring, which has effects such as neuralgia, sensitivity to cold, and recovery from fatigue.

We deliver essential gourmet information for your trip to Ozora Town!
Ozora Town's proud local gourmet "Ozora pork shabu long modon" is a must-eat! At Nagashimaya, you can enjoy a bowl with an original kimchi-flavored sauce based on the return of soba sauce.

Ozora Town's two major summer events ♬♬ are "Memanbetsu Sightseeing Summer Festival" and "Nonkeyland Furusato Festival"
This year, the Tourism Summer Festival was held from July 29 (Sat) to 30 (Sun), 2023.
The summer festival, which was held for the first time in four years, was a great success with fireworks on the water!
The Hometown Festival was also held for the first time in four years. The race to roll large grass rolls and compete was a great success.

In Hokkaido Ozora Town, there is still plenty of recommended information such as beautiful nature, sightseeing spots, and fresh seafood gourmet.
We will continue to introduce the charm of Hokkaido Ozora Town, so thank you!
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釧路國一之宮 厳島神社
8 days ago
◎ The 15th of every month is a good day ◎ A good relationship is not limited to love, but I would like you to wish in your heart for the relationship you want to tie, such as a relationship with work, a relationship with a school destination, and a relationship with the path you should take. For those who receive the Mizuhiki Matchmaking Amulet and Matchmaking Prayer shuin stamps we will share the cutting of the five edges. When you go through the circle of prayer for good marriage, please go to the main shrine and purify yourself. (Left→ Right→ Left) After that, please go through the circle of good marriage prayers with your wishes and proceed to the main shrine. ■ Those who wish to mail ■ * Application acceptance period 9/15 First fruit fee 500 yen Shipping fee 180 yen per delivery address Please send it by registered mail to the following address. 〒085-0842 1-3-18 Yonemachi, Kushiro, Hokkaido 0154-41-4485 Itsukushima Shrine ◎ If you also receive the original shuin stamp books, we will send you the one you wrote directly. Blue shuin stamp books (small) 1,600 yen Blue shuin stamp books (small) commemorative seal 2,000 yen Purple / Pink shuin stamp books (large) 2,000 yen * A commemorative stamp will be included on the first page. * In principle, direct writing of shuin stamps is from 9:00 to 15:00, and during busy times and 15:00-17:00, it may be handed over. It is said that the Inari Shrine and Otoku Inari Shrine in the precincts are matchmaking, and the Ryujin Shrine is said to have a divine virtue that connects luck and connections between people. Please visit together with the main shrine.
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