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Kanagawa Tourism Association
1 days ago
Nice to meet you COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Kanagawa Prefecture Tourism Association. In the future, this account will send out information about Kanagawa Prefecture, where various attractions are spreading, so thank you. Kanagawa Prefecture can be broadly divided into the following areas. ◎ Eastern Hills (Tama Hills, Miura Peninsula) ◎ Central Lowland (Sagami Plain) ◎ Western Mountains (Tanzawa, Hakone Volcano) Kanagawa Prefecture, where beautiful nature and historical sights coexist, is truly a treasure trove of sightseeing. The ancient capital of Kamakura, the shores of Shonan, the hot spring resorts of Hakone, the great nature of Tanzawa and Oyama, and the cosmopolitan city of Yokohama. Kanagawa Prefecture has various attractions that fascinate the hearts of visitors. This time, we will introduce such Kanagawa prefecture and sightseeing spots! ■Yokohama City [Eastern Kanagawa] Yokohama City, the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture, is located in the eastern part of Kanagawa and is a place where you can enjoy diverse cultures, leisure activities, and delicious food. There are many sightseeing spots that you can enjoy on a day trip, such as "Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse", "Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise", and "Minato Mirai". "Yokohama Chinatown" is famous as a paradise for Chinese cuisine. In addition, there are many Chinese general stores, so it is recommended for shopping! ■Miura Peninsula The Miura Peninsula is a great tourist attraction with a variety of activities such as aquariums, beautiful beaches, and historic temples. It has beautiful natural scenery and rich history. You can also taste delicious local gourmet foods such as seafood. ■Yokosuka City [Northern Miura Peninsula] Yokosuka City is also famous as a historical base for the Japanese Navy. There are also sightseeing spots where you can feel its history. It has also been used as a stage for anime and games, and has held exhibitions and events so far. The Windsurfing World Cup is also scheduled to be held in Tsukuihama, and sports events are actively held. From Mikasa Terminal, you can also visit Sarushima, the largest uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay. The Yokosuka Navy curry is popular as a local gourmet. ■Misaki Port [southernmost part of Miura Peninsula] Misaki Port, which is also located at the entrance to Tokyo Bay, has been popular as a good port since the Heian period. It is a popular port as a tuna fishing port, and there are shops where you can enjoy delicious tuna and seafood in the vicinity! ■Hayama Town [Western Miura Peninsula] Hayama Town, an area dotted with beautiful beaches and luxury hotels, is also said to be the "birthplace of yachting". With many boats and yachts, the scenery of the yacht harbor "Hayama Marina" is a masterpiece! ■Zushi City [Western Miura Peninsula] Zushi City is also a designated city under the Ancient Capital Preservation Law, which preserves the historical landscape. Since it faces Sagami Bay, there are plenty of sightseeing spots where you can enjoy the resort feeling! At Zushi Beach, you can experience various marine sports such as swimming, windsurfing, and SUP. At the stay-type marina resort "Riviera Zushi Marina", you can enjoy luxurious time such as short cruising and a restaurant with an ocean view. ■Kamakura City [Southeastern Kanagawa] An area with a beautiful harmony of history and nature, the ancient capital of Kamakura City. There are many old temples and shrines in Kamakura, and one of the highlights is the coastline where you can see the horizon because it faces the Pacific Ocean! In particular, "Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine" and "Kamakura Great Buddha (Hase Great Buddha)", which have been designated as nationally designated historic sites and nationally designated important cultural properties, are must-sees. ■Chigasaki City [Central Shonan Region] Chigasaki City is known as a surfing mecca and is loved by surfers who visit with beautiful waves. There are also stylish seaside cafes and shops where you can eat while watching the sunset. ■Mt. Oyama [Central Kanagawa] Mt. Oyama in Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture is visited by many climbers throughout the year. From the vicinity of Aburi Shrine, which is the end of the Oyama Cable Car at an altitude of 700 meters, you can see Sagami Bay, Miura Peninsula, and Boso Peninsula, which has been awarded two Michelin Green Guide Japan. In addition, there is a 400-year-old lodging facility for worshippers called shukubo in Oyama. The lodging is located in a place surrounded by nature, and you can spend a relaxing time in a room with a rustic atmosphere. There are also Lake Miyagase and Lake Tanzawa around Mt. Oyama, where you can see the nature of Kanagawa in each season. ■Oiso Town [Western Shonan Region] Oiso Town is an area surrounded by rich nature. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and resort facilities, and "Oiso Long Beach" is a popular seaside resort pool facility! There is also a hotel and a spa, and it is crowded with many tourists. ■Odawara City [Western Kanagawa] Odawara City is known as a historic castle town, and Odawara Castle, famous as the home of the Hojo clan, and the old townscape remain. The castle tower of Odawara Castle exhibits the history and crafts of Odawara Castle, and there is also the Odawara Castle NINJA Hall (History Observation Hall) where you can experience ninjas, making it a sightseeing spot that can be enjoyed by adults, children, and foreigners alike. ■Hakone [Western Kanagawa] Hakone is famous as one of Japan's leading hot spring resorts, and you can enjoy it for both day trips and consecutive nights. There are many popular sightseeing spots that you will want to visit again and again, such as the Open-Air Museum, Hakone Ropeway, Lake Ashi, Hakone Shrine, Hakone Tozan Train, and Owakudani Park. ■Manazuru Town [Western Kanagawa] Manazuru Town is a temperate area surrounded by the sea and mountains adjacent to Yugawara City and Odawara City. Manazuru Town is known as an area where fishing is thriving, and you can enjoy fresh seafood. ■Yugawara Onsen [Western Kanagawa] It is a hot spring resort located between Hakone and Atami, and the hot spring town is lined with Japanese inns, and the atmosphere of an old-fashioned "hot spring town" full of atmosphere remains. Kanagawa Prefecture is a tourist area where you can enjoy various things such as the sea, marine activities, hot springs, nature, and history. Access from Tokyo is also very convenient, and Yokohama in eastern Kanagawa is about 30 minutes by train or car from Tokyo, and Hakone and Odawara in western Kanagawa are about 1 hour. You can also enjoy sightseeing while driving from Tokyo. You can enjoy the scenery and enjoyment of the four seasons throughout the year, so you will want to visit again and again! Kanagawa Prefecture is such a tourist destination. One page of your unforgettable memories in Kanagawa sightseeing! We will publish information on the charms of Kanagawa, sightseeing model courses, the latest information, and hidden gem spots that are not yet well known, so thank you!
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1 days ago
Introducing the post of "Hokkaido Nishiokoppe Village" COOL JAPAN VIDEOS official social media account! Hokkaido Nishiokoppe Village is a village in the northeastern part of Hokkaido where about 90% of the village is occupied by forests. The "Ice Tunnel" at the foot of the Mt. Uenshiri is a popular tourist spot created by water flowing down due to melting snow in spring. The Roadside Station "Nishiokoppe Hana Yume" where you can purchase local specialties also has a "Flower Park Kamu" and you can enjoy a natural garden.
Nishiokoppe, Hokkaido
21 days ago (edited)
Hello COOL JAPAN VIDEOS viewers!
Nishiokoppe Village This is Kurashima, Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers in charge of tourism.

I would like to deliver the charm of Hokkaido Nishiokoppe Village [tourist information]! Thank you in advance.

Hokkaido Nishiokoppe Village is located inland in the Sea of Okhotsk in the eastern Hokkaido region, has a population of 1,002 (as of the end of July 2023 (Reiwa 5)), and forests account for about 90% of the village's area.
The contrast with forests and snowy landscapes is beautiful, and the walls of major buildings such as public facilities are unified in orange.

The temperature difference in our village is large, and it can be -20 degrees Celsius in winter and over 30 degrees Celsius in summer.
Although it is a harsh natural environment, it is full of hidden areas and sightseeing spots such as rich nature and waterfalls!

Then, Hokkaido Nishiokoppe Village
Here are some of the attractive sightseeing spots.

The "Ice Tunnel" at the foot of the Mt. Uenshiri is a fantastic popular tourist destination where the ice world spreads!
The tunnel created by the water flowing down due to the melting snow in spring is located in a mountain valley, so the ice does not melt even in summer, showing a mysterious world.
It is usually closed due to the risk of collapse, but in July this year, it was opened for one day only for the first time in four years.

"Roadside Station Nishiokoppe Kamu" is a spot where a flower park and Roadside Station are fused!

In the Roadside Station building, there is a wooden contraption organ "Otogibayashi" that plays sound with the power of the wind, which is rare in Japan, and the shop also sells dairy products such as soft-serve ice cream using grass-fed milk from Nishikobu, as well as processed Yezo sika deer products (processed skin products, pet food, etc.).

In the attached flower park, you can enjoy a garden based on the concept of a "natural garden" that reproduces natural plants and flowers that grow according to the climate and climate of the Nishiokoppe Village.

Located about 10 minutes by car from the Roadside Station Nishiokoppe Kamu, the Forest Museum Komu is an art museum based on the concepts of "seeing," "touching," "playing," and "creating."
Not only are about 3,000 wooden toys and works on display, but you can also actually touch and play with large wooden playground equipment.

Among them, the "wooden sandbox" containing 160,000 wooden balls is a popular work! You can enjoy the woodworking bath surrounded by the scent of wood.
In addition to seeing, you can also experience actually making it at the "Woodworking Experience Class"!
Enjoy a luxurious time to experience art in the forest.

The sightseeing spot "Gyoja no Taki" where you can feel the power of nature is a waterfall with a drop of 20 meters.
At the end of the Meiji era, it began to be called Gyono Falls because there was a woman who prayed for the cure of her parents' intractable illness after being struck by the waterfall.
In the upper reaches of Gyoja Falls, there is the beautiful brick-colored riverbed "Akaiwa Falls" and the "Kuroiwa Falls" that flows through the primeval forest of the Ezo spruce, and you can enjoy three waterfalls on one route.

Next, we will introduce campsites where you can enjoy magnificent nature and the outdoors!

The Forest Park will undergo large-scale renovation work over two years, 2022 (Reiwa 4) and five years, and preparations are underway for the renewal and opening of the 2024 (Reiwa 6), including the maintenance of tent sites and the installation of new playground equipment.
In 2023 (Reiwa 5), the tent site is available until October 15, but the playground equipment cannot be used.
In addition, there is a paid log house in the park that can be used all year round, and a BBQ house that can be used for day trips.

Surrounded by primeval forest, "Uenshiri Campground" is a recommended campsite for wild camping because there are no cooking facilities.
Like the Ice Tunnel, it is located in Mt. Uenshiri and offers free access to one bungalow that can accommodate up to 10 people.
In addition, there is a risk of brown bears around the primeval forest, so be careful when using it.

Nishiokoppe Village is also known for the guitar factory "Okhotsk Musical Instrument Industry", where instruments with beautiful tones are born.
Okhotsk Musical Instrument Industry, which was founded in the form of taking over the timber company, currently produces 20,000 guitar bodies a year.
There is also a showroom in the annex of the guitar factory that you can enter for free, so you can feel free to visit it.

Access to the Nishiokoppe Village is
It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Haneda Airport to Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport.
From the Osaka area, from Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport, take New Chitose Airport (about 1 hour 50 minutes), take JR to Asahikawa Station (about 2 hours 10 minutes), transfer to JR Limited Express and get off at Nayoro (about 1 hour), and take a bus to Nishiokoppe Village (about 1 hour).
It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes by bus from Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport to Nishiokoppe Village.

Beautiful scenery such as ice tunnels, delicious food, etc.
You can enjoy a variety of experiences in Nishiokoppe Village.
We will continue to tell you about the charm of Hokkaido Nishiokoppe Village,
Thank you in advance!
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2 days ago
【Halloween Afternoon Tea】 Cute Halloween monsters appear as sweets! ?? The Halloween afternoon tea set, which uses plenty of autumn ingredients such as purple potato Mont Blanc, pumpkin panna cotta, chocolate and grape roll cake, will be available from Tuesday, October 3rd! In addition to the 8 kinds of sweets, the savory is served with ♪ pumpkin quiche with prosciutto. Drinks include Ronnefeldt tea (7 types), a long-established German tea maker, free flowing coffee, and up to one cocktail per person! Instagram post campaign is also planned 📷 Wonderful gifts will be won by lottery. Please join us! Every Wednesday is a great sweets day! We will offer 3,000 yen per person for 2,700 yen. Only for reservations made from the company's website [Limited to 20 people] (other coupons and benefits cannot be combined) *Only applicable to customers using the 1F Rendezvous Lounge. We look forward ✨ to seeing you there. ˖✻*˸ꕤ*˸*⋆。 ˖✻*˸ꕤ*˸*⋆。 ˖✻*˸ꕤ*˸*⋆。 ˖✻*˸ꕤ*˸*⋆。 1F Rendezvous Lounge 11:30~14:00/L.O.13:30 *Closed: Sundays, Mondays 17:00~21:00/B1 Four Season (Until 19:00 entry) * 120-minute system * Four seasons require reservation until 17:00 the day before. For reservations and inquiries, please call or visit our website. Tel: 011-222-1522 [Direct]
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2 days ago
Introducing the post COOL JAPAN VIDEOS official social media account "Okhotsk Ozora Town Tourism Association"! Hokkaido Ozora Town is a town in the east of Hokkaido. There are plenty of attractive spots such as "Roadside Station NonkyLand Higashimokoto", which also has a hotel, and "Meruhen no Oka", where you can enjoy a superb view like a painting. We also recommend the local gourmet "Ozora pork shabu long modon".
Okhotsk Ozora Town Tourism Association
16 days ago
Nice to meet everyone who watched the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS!
This is the Okhotsk Ozora Town Tourism Association that disseminates attractive information about Hokkaido Ozora Town.

Ozora Town is a town located in the east of Hokkaido and was formed in 2006 by the merger of Memanbetsu Town and Higashi Mokoto Village.
In this first post, we will introduce the highlights of the Ozora Town. Enjoy!

We will introduce how to access Hokkaido Ozora Town.
【Access by plane】
◯ Tokyo Haneda Airport 〜 Memanbetsu Airport ... Approx. 1 hour 50 minutes
◯ Sapporo New Chitose Airport 〜 Memanbetsu Airport ... Approx. 50 minutes
◯ Osaka・Kansai International Airport 〜 Memanbetsu Airport ... Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes

【Access by train】
◯ JR Sapporo Station 〜 JR Memanbetsu Station ... About 5 hours 30 minutes by "Limited Express Okhotsk" / JR Asahikawa Station ~ JR Memanbetsu Station...About 3 hours 30 minutes by "Limited Express Oyuki"
◯ Sapporo 〜 Memanbetsu ... Approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes by intercity bus "Dreamint Okhotsk" (reservation required)

Hokkaido Ozora Town has a climate with a large temperature difference, so it is recommended to check the weather forecast when planning a trip.
Since there is little precipitation throughout the year, there are many sunny days, making it perfect for sightseeing!
In summer, the average temperature is around 20°C, making it a comfortable climate.
Snowfall in winter is from late October to late April. The minimum temperature can be -27°C, and the cold is severe in the region.

A Ozora Town where you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons!
From here, we will introduce the sightseeing spots.
With the arrival of warm spring, the Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park (Higashimokoto moss phlox Park), where the beautiful pink carpet of the moss phlox spreads, is a popular moss phlox spot.
The park has an observatory, a pink torii gate, and a sightseeing wheel.
The picturesque scenery in the vast park is a must-see! (Flowering time around May ~ early June)

In summer, the vast sunflower field is in full bloom, and yellow flowers spread out like the sun.
"Tomap River Park" is the earliest sunflower field in the Ozora Town.
It is located about 10 minutes by car from Memanbetsu Airport and has good access. (Flowering time: mid ~ late July)

Asahigaoka Park, which is famous for enjoying sunflowers for a long time, is a popular spot for the superb view from the observatory.
From the observatory, you can overlook Lake Abashiri, Mt. Shari, and the Shiretoko mountain range. (Flowering time: late July ~ mid-September)

The sunflower field next to Memanbetsu Airport is a hot place in social media where you can take pictures of airplanes and sunflowers!
You can enjoy about 400,000 sunflowers. (Flowering time: early ~ late August)
Since it is located next to Memanbetsu Airport, you can take pictures as if an airplane is taking off and landing in a sunflower field.

"Roadside Station NonkyLand Higashimokoto" with a hotel is also a popular spot!
At the shop, you can enjoy local flavors such as souvenirs, local specialties, "juicy meat buns" of Hokkaido beef and long potatoes.
It is also possible to stay at "Hotel Higashimokoto" in the Roadside Station. You can choose from twin, DLX twin, and Japanese-style rooms. There are no hot springs in the hotel, but there is a hot spring facility "Fureai Center Phlox" about 2 minutes by car from the hotel or about 9 minutes on foot, equipped with a whirlpool bath and sauna. You can slowly heal the fatigue of traveling.

Located about 10 minutes by car from Memanbetsu Airport, "Meruhen no Oka" is also a popular tourist destination that cannot be missed.
It is a famous spot for its fairytale scenery lined with seven larches.
The vast countryside spreads out and you can enjoy the picturesque scenery.
One of the highlights is the nearby Roadside Station "Meruhen no Oka Memanbetsu"!
There is a corner selling freshly caught locally and a local product corner, and you can enjoy gourmet food using local ingredients such as "Ozora pork shabu long modon" at the on-site restaurant.
There is also a free "dog run" where dogs can easily play.

Mt. Mokoto, where you can enjoy the rich nature, is also a recommended tourist destination.
It has been selected as one of the national "Nature 100 Selections". The altitude is about 1000m, so you can easily enjoy trekking!
One of the highlights is the spring water near the 8th station, the famous water "Ginrei Water".

Next, we will introduce the hot spring facilities in Ozora Town.
If you want to enjoy hot springs in Ozora Town, we recommend the town-run public bath facility "Memanbetsu Agricultural Structure Improvement Center Himawari Onsen"!
You can easily enjoy the hot springs flowing directly from the source with a day trip bath.
The hot water is abundant and the spring quality is sodium bicarbonate chloride spring, which has effects such as neuralgia, sensitivity to cold, and recovery from fatigue.

We deliver essential gourmet information for your trip to Ozora Town!
Ozora Town's proud local gourmet "Ozora pork shabu long modon" is a must-eat! At Nagashimaya, you can enjoy a bowl with an original kimchi-flavored sauce based on the return of soba sauce.

Ozora Town's two major summer events ♬♬ are "Memanbetsu Sightseeing Summer Festival" and "Nonkeyland Furusato Festival"
This year, the Tourism Summer Festival was held from July 29 (Sat) to 30 (Sun), 2023.
The summer festival, which was held for the first time in four years, was a great success with fireworks on the water!
The Hometown Festival was also held for the first time in four years. The race to roll large grass rolls and compete was a great success.

In Hokkaido Ozora Town, there is still plenty of recommended information such as beautiful nature, sightseeing spots, and fresh seafood gourmet.
We will continue to introduce the charm of Hokkaido Ozora Town, so thank you!
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7 days ago
Nice to meet you! This is the Ginoza Village Tourism Association. Ginoza Village is located in the center of Okinawa and is an attractive city with abundant water sources, beautiful nature, and historical traditions. From Naha Airport, it takes about 1 hour by car and access is convenient! You can take a bus to Ginoza Village along the beautiful coastline. In order to let you know Ginoza Village, which is full of charm, in this post, we will introduce sightseeing spots and local gourmet foods of Ginoza Village! The highly transparent sea of Ginoza Village is one of the attractions not to be missed! Kanna Beach, which is characterized by an arch-shaped beach with a sand of about 500 meters, has gentle waves and is perfect for swimming. You can also experience marine activities such as jet skis, banana boats and sea kayaking. Kanna Dam, which was completed in 1993 (Heisei 5), is a spot that has been certified as one of the "100 best dam lakes". Kanna Dam is designed to preserve the ecosystem, and is home to gobies, black crabs, dragonflies, killifish, horsetails, and kingfishers. In addition, in the downstream area, the leech forest (mangrove) that was lost due to seawall construction has been restored. "Roadside station "Ginoza" is a spot that you should definitely stop by when sightseeing in Ginoza Village! In addition to local specialties and souvenirs, it is a full range of facilities such as coin showers, free space, tourist information center, observation terrace, and barbecue on the seawall terrace. In 2000, Ginoza Village began training agricultural workers at the Agricultural Successor Training Center. As a result, "strawberry farms" in Ginoza Village have flourished, and "strawberry picking" where you can pick fresh strawberries is gaining popularity. The local gourmet in Ginoza Village is popular for "jagamen" that can only be eaten at the roadside station "Ginoza"! The potatoes are kneaded and the chewy texture is addictive. Please enjoy it at "Cafeteria Manjiro" in the roadside station "Ginoza". You can also buy raw noodles at Mirai Ginoza. In Ginoza Village, traditional culture and events are cherished. Traditional knife making, called "island knife," is a fusion of craftsmanship and beauty. Located in Ginoza Village, Kaniman Blacksmith Studio is the only blacksmith shop on the main island of Okinawa that manufactures island knives. It is also possible to make a custom-made blade that can be decided by consultation on the shape and material of the blade. When sightseeing in Ginoza Village, please feel the craftsmanship of the historic traditional craftsmanship. In Ginoza Village, there are hotels, pensions, and ryokans surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. Please relax in the location overlooking the sea and hot springs to heal the fatigue of sightseeing and spend a luxurious time. Ginoza Village is a place where various attractions such as natural beauty, warm people, and delicious food culture spread. Please experience the charm of Ginoza Village and enjoy a wonderful trip! We will continue to disseminate information about Ginoza Village, so we look forward to your continued support.
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