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Justin Schultz
10 days ago
On the second day of our trip we headed over to Shodoshima, one of the many islands in the Seto Inland Sea. The only way there is by ferry so we got some tickets for it and boarded the ship. It was a really nice ride as the weather was great on Sunday and it was warm out, but not too hot. Sitting on the upper deck was nice as well, as we got to view some of the other islands in the area and also got to see people fishing etc. Plus the breeze was really refreshing as well. When we arrived to the island we tried renting some bicycles but unfortunately they were all rented out. After that we tried to get a car, but they were all rented out too, so we decided to take the buses where we needed to go. It worked out fine though. The first spot we decided to go was Olive Park, but when we got to the bus stop where it was located there was a really nice beach so we decided to check it out and put our feet in the water to cool of. There were people swimming and wind surfing and there was a nice little snack shack with some tasty looking food. After hanging out on the beach for a bit we headed up to the park. There was a ton of people renting broomsticks to do the Kiki's Delivery Service photo and it was pretty funny to watch it. We thought about doing it but the brooms were like a 45 minute wait because there were so many people so we decided to pass on it. We also ate lunch at a restaurant inside the main building at the park. They had some really good food (photo #4) and a really tasty drink as well. I don't remember what it was, but I'm glad I got it. The view from the restaurant overlooked the area as well which was nice. After lunch we headed down towards where the windmill was and stopped at a small shrine on the way. The windmill area had a nice view as well and there were people trying to jump off rocks to get photos with it lol. After we finished up at the park we decided to head over to Angel Road. We looked at the hours when you could cross the sand bridge and we arrived early, but it seems like the hours were slightly off that day perhaps and we made it right at the perfect time. There was just a little bit of water left over the sand bridge so we were able to take our shoes off and cross. Unfortunately there were a bunch of really small rocks so it kind of hurt your feet but it wasn't too bad. We managed to make it across. Was able to take some decent photos as well. We also had some ice cream at a nearby shop. It tasted great! After we finished checking out Angel Road, we headed back to the ferry and and as we started to leave the port I said out loud "It smells like sesame oil doesn't it?" Well it turns out there was a sesame oil factory directly behind me so we had a bit of a laugh at that. Was a successful day!
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