[Image1]The plan that includes a prayer of 753 and location shooting is popular.If you wish to coordinate th
[Image2]The plan that includes a prayer of 753 and location shooting is popular.If you wish to coordinate th
[Image3]The plan that includes a prayer of 753 and location shooting is popular.If you wish to coordinate th

The plan that includes a prayer of 753 and location shooting is popular.
If you wish to coordinate the schedule with the photographer, please contact us as soon as possible. Please enjoy it as an important memory with your children.

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Sep. 11, 2023
◎What is Mokko Race? ◎ Mokka is a wooden carrying basket used by fishermen to carry the fish and kelp they caught. I want to make it a specialty project that is typical of the fishing town of Kushiro! I came up with the idea together with the students of Kushiro University of Education. It is a race in which those who can carry a mokko filled with kelp, run up the long approach road, and play a drum are given the title of "Lucky Man of the Sea". ●Date and Time● 2023 (Reiwa 5)October 9 (Mon) 13:00~15:00 * Canceled in case of rain ●Participant reception time 12:00~12:30 on the day * If you do not accept the application in time, you may be disqualified. * After applying in advance from this Google form,  Please come to the reception area of the venue on the day of the event. ●Time Schedule ☆ 12:00 Mokko race participants gather & reception starts ☆ 12:45 We will exorcise the participants of the Mokko race ☆13:00 Mokko race starts (for each division) ☆ 14:30 General male division, guess the winner game (all visitors in the shrine precincts can participate) ☆ 14:45 General men's division final start ☆ 14:50 Announcement of the results of the game to guess the winner ☆14:55 Mokko Race Awards Ceremony ☆15:00 End * Depending on the progress of the day, the time may change) ※11:00~15:00 Children's festival & kitchen car & market will be held at the same time in the shrine precincts!  Details are described later ↓ ●Mokko Race Participation Fee Free ●Number of Applicants● (1) 16 girls in grades 5-6 of elementary school (2) 16 boys in grades 5~6 of elementary school (3) General women (high school students and above): 16 (4) General male (high school students and above): 32 * There is no upper age limit for generals, and general men have a handicap depending on their age. * Deadline as soon as the capacity of each department is reached ●Participation Prize We offer wonderful participation prizes according to age. Adults will receive a gift of "Sacred Sake". ●Winner's Privilege The winner of each category is given the title of "Lucky Man of the Sea" and has the right to have the priest read out his name and pray for good luck at the monthly festival on the first day of every month. As supplementary prizes, the winner of the elementary and junior high school student division will receive a gift certificate worth 5,000 yen, and the winner of the general women's and general male divisions will receive a gift certificate worth 10,000 yen, as well as a lucky arrow. ◆Visitor benefits ・ Everyone who supports us at the venue can participate in the "Guess the Winner Game". ・ From those who guessed the winner, "10,000 yen gift certificate" and "5 people × 5 kg of rice" will be won by lottery. Please come to the venue. ●How to apply● ・First deadline: Sunday 2023 (Reiwa 5) October 1 ・ If the capacity is reached, it will be a "waiting list". Please note. ・ Please fill in the necessary information such as "age, name, occupation (school / grade), phone number, email address, one word PR (e.g., I was selected as a relay athlete every year since I was a child, so I am confident in running!)" Please apply from Google Form. 【Application Google Form】 * You can read the "2D barcode" in the image and proceed to the participation application form.