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May. 29, 2024
[Image1]Koiwai Farm 100 Years of ForestThere are tours that allow you to enter places that you would not nor

Koiwai Farm 100 Years of Forest

There are tours that allow you to enter places that you would not normally be able to enter.

In front of the wasteland at the southern foot of Mt. of Iwate, Koiwai Farm is said to have been filled with regret for destroying many "beautiful rice fields and good fields" during his many years of involvement in the railway construction project. If this kind of wilderness is left untouched, I would like to at least make up for the loss of beautiful countryside by clearing it and opening up large farms. Isn't that what I should do for the public good? Inoue thinks so.

Inoue confided in Yoshima Ono, who had supported Mitsubishi under Yataro Iwasaki, and asked for his help. At that time, Mitsubishi's younger brother, Yanosuke Iwasaki, was the second president of Mitsubishi after Yataro's death. Yoshima Ono immediately brings Inoue and Yanosuke together. It is said that Yanosuke was impressed by Inoue's lofty desire to open a farm in the wasteland for the national public, and readily agreed to invest on the spot. Thus, on January 1, 1891 (Meiji 24)), Inoue became the owner of the farm and Koiwai Farm was opened. The name Koiwai was created by taking one letter each from the surnames of Ono, Iwasaki, and Inoue.
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There is a 100-year-old forest in it. This forest is there to grow 99-year-old cedars.

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