Jan. 21, 2022
Was walking through Shimokitazawa the other day and found some really cool street art on the shutter of some shop or something (not really sure what the building was).

Just thought it was cool to see this.
Don't see much street art in Japan, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as usually it involves vandalism, but this doesn't look to be vandalism, although I could be wrong.
Either way I think it's a nice improvement to the empty shutters and definitely adds a little spice to the area.

Aesthetically I'm a huge fan since I enjoy learning about Japanese history, especially samurai, swords, etc., even if this is a fantastical rendition of the likes you'd find in some anime or manga.

Shimokitazawa is a pretty cool place though.
It seems like a lot of younger people go shopping in the area and there's a lot of restaurants as well.

If you're into coffee, cafes, and unique shops with trinkets, etc. it's an enjoyable place to visit. Really trendy