Feb. 2, 2022 (edited)
Was passing through Komagome the other day and stumbled across this quaint little shrine in front of the station.

Apparently it was established in the Edo Period but didn't actually look like a shrine until the Meiji Period.

It's also dedicated to Okuninushi who has a lot of different mythology surrounding him, but according to what I could find, he was the head of the gods on earth.
There are also a lot of legends and folklore about him in the Kojiki as well it seems, the most interesting sounding one being 'The White Hare of Inaba" (因幡の白兎) where he apparently wins over a princess that his brothers wanted to married and then is subsequently killed by them with the use of a flaming boulder and he is then brought back to life by the gods after his mother goes up to heaven to ask another deity to bring him back, after which he is brought back to life as a handsome man.

And that's why I like reading about Japanese mythology lol. So much interesting stuff to read about