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Justin Schultz
Apr. 25, 2022
Went to Rikugien Gardens over the weekend! The weather was really nice and the flowers were beautiful. I was hoping to see the yukitsuri, but unfortunately they'd already been taken down. We bought some bikes recently so we decided to ride them to the park. It's been really nice to get a bit of a leg workout in instead of riding trains all the time. It was only about 25-30 minutes too and we were able to avoid all of the packed trains and get some fresh air. I was pretty happy that we got to see the popular view from the top of the hill (3rd photo). I've seen many photos of it before and finally was able to see it for myself. I never knew that the park had turtles in the pond either, so that was pretty cool to see. There were a bunch swimming all over the pond, sitting on rocks, etc. We managed to spot a crane as well, but it was in a spot were we couldn't really take a good photo of it so I decided to pass and just admire it without a photo. We stopped for a short break at one of the small cafes inside the park and got a quick snack. I'm not a fan of manju, but my girlfriend likes them so she got a coffee and one sakura manju. She seemed to like it, but decided to take off the flower from the top as she didn't want to eat the petals. The melon soda float was nice too. Definitely a nice place to visit and hoping to visit again in the fall to see the leaves after they've changed color.
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