[Image1]Spring in full bloom! Experience an impressive experience at the 400m
[Image2]Spring in full bloom! Experience an impressive experience at the 400m
[Image3]Spring in full bloom! Experience an impressive experience at the 400m
[Image4]Spring in full bloom! Experience an impressive experience at the 400m
[Image5]Spring in full bloom! Experience an impressive experience at the 400m

Spring in full bloom! Experience an impressive experience at the 400m "Cherry Blossom Corridor" seen in Higashi-Izu!

"#Cherry Blossom Corridor" is a 400-meter row of cherry blossom trees that can be seen on the Higashi-Izu Town Cross Country Course (Inatori Kogen). We are guiding you through the best viewing conditions starting in late March.

⏰ Best time to see: Late March ~ early April 2024
🅿 Parking: Free (10~15 cars)
🚌 Access: About 10 minutes by bus from Izu Inatori Station

Please feel the breath of new spring and spend a beautiful time that will remain in your heart.
Along with cherry blossom viewing, please come to the "Cherry Blossom Corridor" event where you can enjoy the arrival of Spring in a comfortable space with your family and friends.
We look forward to seeing you there.

In addition, this year's "1st
#Higashi-Izu SPRINGFESTA" will be held.
The Regional Revitalization Cooperation Corps will take the lead in enlivening the cherry blossom season.

"Children's Festa"
Free participation event "Let's make a cherry blossom tree in full bloom!"
Write your wishes and gratitude on the cherry blossom petals to complete the cherry blossom tree!
There will be a gift for the child who writes.

Dates: Saturday, March 30, 2024, Saturday, April 6, Sunday, April 7, 2024 *Cancelled in case of rain
Time: 10:00~15:00
《Premiums and participation prizes》
There will be stalls such as ring tossing and fishing games!

"Cherry Blossom Viewing Beer Terrace"
《 Many food and drink stalls 》
How about ☺️ delicious rice and sake under the cherry blossom trees
* You can eat and drink what you bought at the stall on the terrace!
Date: March 30 (Sat), April 6 (Sat), April 7 (Sun) *Cancelled in case of rain
Time: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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