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Isehara Tourism Association
4 days ago
[Isehara flower information] 3.01 Okame cherry blossoms along the Oyama New Road... Began to bloom It's March from today. It seems that a graduation ceremony was held at a high school in Isehara City, and I felt the arrival of Spring. It is ♪ also a spring letter from Oyama Along the Oyama Shindo (bypass), which runs for about 3 kilometers, Okame cherry blossoms are planted and pink flowers are beginning to bloom. The tree at the foot of the tree is still a young tree, so it seems to have a thin trunk and bloom early. Overall, I think the flowering is a little early this year due to the warm weather. It looks like it will be in full bloom next week. If you can see the flowers from the car window, it will be fun to drive.
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