These are cherry blossoms at Shinshoin, a temple in Nishi-Hachioji. This temple was opened by the daughter of the famous warlord "Shingen Takeda". Unlike ordinary temples, it is very gorgeous with feminine decorations. Our school goes to visit it once a year. Before the visit, students learn in class about the tragic love story for which this temple was built. There are many historical buildings near the school. It can be said that Nishi-Hachioji is a very good environment for studying Japanese language.

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Mar. 29, 2022
[English/日本語] Japanese law will change drastically from April, and those who come to Japan to study at the age of 18 need to be well informed about the new law. So what are the major changes? Do you know? (1) Change in the age of adulthood Until now, the age of adulthood in Japan has been 20. However, as of April 1, the age will change to 18. With the age of adulthood at 18, people will be able to sign contracts for apartments, credit cards, etc., which were previously only allowed at the age of 20. In addition, women used to be able to get married at the age of 16, but this age has also been changed to 18. (2) Things to be aware of Some things do not change when the age of adulthood turns 18. These are smoking, drinking and gambling. In Japan, the minimum age for smoking, drinking, and gambling is 20, but this age remains 20 even though the age of majority has changed. Even if you do not smoke or drink yourself, you cannot purchase Please be careful. The rush of foreign students entering Japan will start in April. International students should make sure to understand the rules of Japan. Japanese people, these are international students who have been waiting to study in Japan for up to two years. We would appreciate it if you could watch over them warmly. 4月から日本の法律が大きくかわります。18歳で日本に留学してくる人は新しい法律についてよく知らなければなりません。では何が大きく変わるのでしょう。みなさんは知っていますか? ①成人年齢の変更 これまで、日本の成人年齢は20歳でした。しかし、4月1日からは18歳に変わります。成人年齢が18歳になったことで、今まで20歳からしか許されなかったアパートの契約やクレジットカードの契約等ができるようになります。また、今まで女性は16歳から結婚ができましたが、こちらも18歳からになりました。 ②気を付けなければならないこと 成人年齢が18歳になっても変わらないものがあります。それは喫煙や飲酒やギャンブルです。日本では喫煙や飲酒やギャンブルは20歳からですが、こちらは成人年齢が変わっても20歳のままです。自分が吸わない・飲まないとしても購入することはできません。気をつけてください。 4月から留学生の入国ラッシュです。留学生のみなさんは日本のルールをしっかりと理解しておきましょう。日本人のみなさん、最長で2年間、日本に留学することを待ってきた留学生たちです。温かく見守っていただけたら幸いです。