[Image1]Introducing the seasonal Chef
[Image2]Introducing the seasonal Chef

Introducing the seasonal Chef "recommended" dinner course [March and April] menu!

3. April
The menu uses plenty of seasonal ingredients, such as "Japanese Spanish mackerel and lees miso" and "made with Herring and peony shrimp", making you feel spring.
Fun ♪ the chef's special Japanese kaiseki at New Otani Inn Sapporo to your heart's content

🌸 Menu contents 🌸
・ Herring sardines and peony shrimp
・Grilled Japanese Spanish mackerel and kasu miso paste
・ Chikato and vegetable tempura
・Rice cooked with wild vegetables (incense miso soup)
・Today's Fun Dessert Wagon
  Strawberry, matcha Swiss roll cake
  Matcha Tiramisu
  Red bean and strawberry shortcake
  Strawberry Pound Cake
  Yuzu gelato

* 4.5 types of desserts will be provided daily by wagon service.

It is limited to 15 meals a day!
Reservations and details
📞011-222-1522 (direct line to restaurant reservations)
On the ✨ hotel website

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