Jun. 12, 2023
[Image1]Photographed from near the boat racetrack near the Hakata Port Tower in Fukuoka.The feeling of the s

Photographed from near the boat racetrack near the Hakata Port Tower in Fukuoka.
The feeling of the sky and the sky during the transition into the evening are indescribably wonderful.
It became a scenery.

Today I would like to write about the area around Hakata Port Tower. Hakata Port Tower is one of the symbols of Fukuoka City and is 123 meters high. From the observation deck of the tower, you can enjoy views of Hakata Bay and Fukuoka City. At night, the tower is lit up and very beautiful.

There are many other attractions around Hakata Port Tower. For example, at the Hakata Port International Terminal, you can see international cruise ships arriving and departing. In addition, the Hakata Port Bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the Japan and is open to bicycles and pedestrians. From the Hakata Port Bridge, the contrast between the tower, the sea and the city can be seen beautifully.

The area around Hakata Port Tower is a place where you can feel the charm of Fukuoka City. Please visit once!

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