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Narumi Shimizu
Nov. 24, 2023
I took the Enoden from Kamakura Station and walked around Enoshima. At the end of the day, be impressed by the view of the Shonan Sea dyed in the sunset and Mt. Fuji! Nearby beaches such as Shichirigahama and Yuigahama are crowded with surfers, and many people are equipped with hooks to hook surfboards on bicycles and scooters. I got a train on Enoshima Electric Railway from Kamakura and walked around Enoshima island. At end of the day, you can enjoy beautiful twilight sight of Mt. Fuji and sea of Shounan (Southern Kanagawa). Many people enjoy surfing at Shichirigahama or Yuigahama beach and they equip luggage hook on their bicycle or scooter.
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