[Image1]HELLO VIEWERS OF COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Shinshu Toumi Tourism Association.Tomi City, Nagano
[Image2]HELLO VIEWERS OF COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Shinshu Toumi Tourism Association.Tomi City, Nagano
[Image3]HELLO VIEWERS OF COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Shinshu Toumi Tourism Association.Tomi City, Nagano
[Image4]HELLO VIEWERS OF COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Shinshu Toumi Tourism Association.Tomi City, Nagano
[Image5]HELLO VIEWERS OF COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Shinshu Toumi Tourism Association.Tomi City, Nagano
[Image6]HELLO VIEWERS OF COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Shinshu Toumi Tourism Association.Tomi City, Nagano

HELLO VIEWERS OF COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Shinshu Toumi Tourism Association.

Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture is a city in the eastern part of Nagano Prefecture.
Surrounded by the Asama mountain range of Joshinetsu Kogen National Park to the north and Tateshina and Yatsugatake to the south, it is an area rich in Rich in nature, with more than half of the city being mountain forests and one-fourth being fields.

The city was created in 2002 by the merger of Higashimomachi and Kitamomaki Village, and became "Tomi City" by taking one letter each of the Omi of Higashimomachi "east" and Kitamomaki Village.

There is the Joshinetsu Expressway "Tobu Yunomaru Interchange" and the Shinano Railway "Tanaka Station" and "Shigeno Station", and it is about 2 hours from Central Tokyo and about 1 hour from Nagano City and Matsumoto City.

==Recommended sightseeing spots in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture==
・Unno Yado
Opened in 1625 as a Shukuba-juku on the Kitakuni Highway, it is a tourist destination that still retains its original appearance.
You can feel as if you have traveled back in time to the Edo period.

・Myojin Pond
It is a pond built in the Edo period, and it is Maintenance as an Art Village Park centered on the pond, and you can see the beautiful scenery of the four seasons such as New green and autumn leaves in the Satoyama.
There are facilities in the park such as the Umeno Memorial Picture Gallery and the Fureaikan.

・Unnojyuku History and Folklore Museum
The building built around 1790 in the Edo period is still used as a Documents Museum.
The climate, history, and documents of Unno Yado are on display

・Roadside Station Raiden Walnut Village
At the Roadside Station at the entrance to Yunomaru Highland, you can enjoy a meal that makes use of hand-made soba "Inutate Soba" and local ingredients at the restaurant.
Local agricultural products and specialty products are lined up, so it is also recommended to buy Souvenirs for sightseeing in Tomi City.

・Yunomaru Ski Resort
It is the closest powder snow ski resort to Central Tokyo, and the six slopes can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced skiers.
The business period is from late November to early April every year.

・Yunomaru Plateau
It is a plateau located on the west side of the Asama mountain ranges, and the Renge azalea of Azalea Plain is also designated as a national natural monument.
Every year, when the Renge azalea is in full bloom, the "Yunomaru Kogen Azalea Festival" is held.

・Yurakuchi-kan Wine & Beer Museum
It is a facility where you can experience Tomi Wine, such as an exhibition room that introduces the history of Tomi Wine, winery Information in Tomi City, grape cultivation amount, etc., and a tasting area and wine sales centered on Tomi City wine.
A wine concierge is also available, so be sure to find your favorite wine.

==Specialty products and gourmet foods of Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture==
Kyoho grapes, walnuts, sweet corn, Shirado potatoes, and broccoli are specialty products of Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture.
These specialty products are also popular as thank-you gifts for roadside stations and Furusato Nozei tax payments.

In addition, wineries are being born one after another in Tomi City, and wine taxis are also operated to visit wineries in the city.

==Events and festivals in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture==
・Raiden Festival
It is a major summer event in Tomi City held at Tanaka Shopping Street, and there are performances and dances on stage, and many Kitchen Cars are lined up in the shopping street.
At the climax, the festivals are enlivened by a dance parade.

・Unno Yado Fureai Festival
It is a festival held every November at Uminojuku, Old Kitakuni Highway, Unno Juku, and a procession dressed in Edo period costumes parades through the city.
The buildings and gardens of Unno Yado, which you cannot usually see, will be opened.

==Agricultural experience in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture==
The idyllic atmosphere of Tomi City, with its fields spread all around, is difficult to enjoy in the Central Tokyo.
There is also a travel plan where you can enjoy farming experience while interacting with the warm and friendly people of Tomi City.
Even if you visit sightseeing for the first time in Tomi, the local staff will support you so that you can participate with peace of mind.
Agricultural experience plans include "Rice cultivation", "Apple cultivation", "Corn harvesting experience", and "Traditional Japanese straw raincoat harvesting experience".

==Recommended Information for Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture==
The Nature of the Tomi City and the atmosphere of the historic city Fascination those who visit.
Please feel the charm of Tomi City firsthand.

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will provide recommended Information that will help you plan your trip to Tomi City.

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May. 14, 2024
The long week of the new school year is coming to an end. Here's a little reflection of March. [Implementation of study tour by junior high and high school students @ Tomi City] 3/23 (Sat) - 26 (Tue) As part of the Ueda-Tomi Study Tour, members of the Social Action Team of the Volunteer Department of International Secondary School attached to Tokyo Gakugei University visited Tomi City! While continuing the relationship with Ueda, this time the field was expanded to Tomi, and 14 junior high and high school students experienced Tomi for the first time (Tomi was on the 1st day of 3/25). We actually visit the area, interacted with local people, and worked on a study tour to think about local issues together from the perspective of junior high and high school students. Tomi's theme is "How can people gather in Tomi?" (It's huge!) Because this was my first time in Tomi, I dared to ask them to grasp the charm of Tomi from multiple perspectives without being bound by the perspective of tourism. [Local people who cooperated this time] ⚪︎Cave Hatano Hatano-san ⚪︎SASAKI FARM 佐々木さん ⚪︎ Kodama Family Residence & Cafe Nei Kodama's family ⚪︎Unno Yado Kamishuya Asakawa-san * SASAKI FARM was specially accepted for training. Please note that it is not a tourist ranch. The junior high and high school students fell in love with the land of Tomi itself, and while touching the enthusiasm of Adults who took on the challenge of realizing their commitments and desires, they enthusiastically asked specific and Unfolding questions. Although it was only one day, I was very impressed by the way they tried to get to know Tomi deeply. At the end, the "charm of Tomi" that everyone felt at the Unno Yado Fureai Center was output in a short time. From the moment you unfold the imitation paper, the pen moves all at once! Impression by the enthusiasm of the junior high and high school students. I'm looking forward to the reports that will be compiled in the future. Tomi, like Ueda, I can't help but think that we can build a Gari with continuity. Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary School Volunteer Department See you all in Tomi/ ・ ・ [Thanks] Thank you again to everyone in the community who cooperated with us! Please 🙏 note that some tagging did not work (Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers T.N) #Tomi City #Nagano Prefecture #Study Tour #Tourism Association #Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division #Junior and senior high school students #Local issues #Connecting with the community #Adult challenging #Winery #Cavehatano #Sheep Farm #Sasaki Farm #Sasaki Farm #Kodama Family Residence #Kodama Family Residence Cafe #Unno Yado #Rental inn #Unno Yado Kamishuya