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Chiba Shirako Town
19 hours ago
Hello! Chiba Prefecture Shirako Town (Shirakomachi). Chiba Prefecture Shirako Town faces the Coast Kujukuri Beach east of the Chiba Prefecture and is an attractive town with a Rich in nature environment with beautiful sandy beaches. It is about 30 Kilometers from the prefectural capital Chiba City and about 60 Kilometers from Tokyo Central Tokyo, and it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to access by car. ◇What is Shirako Town? Shirako Town has more than 300 tennis courts, the largest number of courts in Japan, and is also a sacred place for Tennis Camp. Activities and sports such as surfing at Kujukuri Beach are also popular. It is the birthplace of Kujukuri Beach sardine fishing using seine nets introduced from Wakayama Prefecture, and has been a traditional industry since the Edo period. ◇History of Shirako Town It was created in 1955 by the merger of Shirakata Town, Seki Village, and Nabaki Village. Shirako Shrine, which is the origin of the town's name, is a historic Spot built in the Heian period and is also popular as a famous place for cherry blossoms. ◇ Recommended sightseeing points in Chiba Prefecture Shirako Town Shirako Town is focusing on attracting tourism in order to realize "attractive town planning where you can see the smiles of visitors". Our slogan is "A city where everyone can be 'healthy and happy.'" Focusing on Shirako Town Hot Spring, we are disseminating the charm of tennis The first sports facilities throughout the town. ◇ Agriculture in Chiba Prefecture Shirako Town Agriculture has become a key industry in Chiba Prefecture Shirako Town. Vegetables grown in the land rich in minerals of the Pacific Ocean are reputed to have a sweet taste. Here are some of the most popular specialty vegetables that Chiba Prefecture Shirako Town is proud of. ・Shirako onion It is a thick onion with a high sugar content and a sweet taste like fruit. It can be harvested only in the period from late April to May. ・Leaf onion Harvest before the onion balls swell and eat the sweet, tender leaves. ・Tomato The warm climate and sandy conditions allow you to harvest tomatoes that can be eaten deliciously throughout the year. ・ Vegetables you want to eat It is a salad vegetable grown in a glass greenhouse. It is a vegetable that boasts fresh leaves that have received a lot of blessings from the sun. ・Nagaiki green onion It is softer than regular green onions and has a reputation for color, aroma, and texture. ◇ The charm of Chiba Prefecture Shirako Town Chiba Prefecture Shirako Town has a population of about 10,500 people, and the number of people who have learned about Shirako Town through tourism and events is increasing significantly. The town also offers consultation on migration and settlement, and you can also check the vacant house bank registration list in Shirako Town on the website. Chiba Prefecture Shirako Town is a town with a beautiful natural environment, rich culture, and sports facilities. We will Best regards because we will send out Information full of Chiba Prefecture Shirako Town charm in COOL JAPAN VIDEOS.
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Nagano Minami Shinshu Tourist Bureau
1 days ago
How do you do. This is the Minami-Shinshu Tourism Public Corporation! We will send out recommended Tourist Information in the Minami Shinshu area of Nagano Prefecture on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so thank you. ---- What is the Minami Shinshu area in Nagano Prefecture? The Minami Shinshu area is located at the southern tip of Nagano Prefecture and is the southern gateway to the prefecture. It is a beautiful region where you can feel the rich nature of the four seasons created by the Tenryu River, which streams from north to south through the center of Minami Shinshu, the Central Alps, and the majestic mountains of the Southern Alps. The Minami Shinshu area consists of 14 cities and towns in Iida City and Shimoina-gun. ⚪︎ Iida City ⚪︎ Matsukawa Town ⚪︎ Takamori Town ⚪︎ Anan Town ⚪︎ Achi Village ⚪︎ Hiraya Village ⚪︎ Neba Village ⚪︎ Shimojo Village ⚪︎ Sellaki Village ⚪︎ Tenryu Village ⚪︎ Yasuoka Village ⚪︎ Takagi Kimura ⚪︎ Toyooka Village ⚪︎ Ōshika Village History of ---- Minami Shinshu area From the Shiojiri Inn of Nakasendo, the Sanshu Highway (Ina Highway), which goes south along the Minami Shinshu area along the Tenryu River, Restrooms available a history of prosperity as a Highway important places connecting Edo and Kyoto. Among them, Iida City, which is also the center of Minami Shinshu, currently boasts the fifth largest population in Nagano Prefecture, flourished as a post town on the Sanshu Highway in the Edo period, and developed as a castle town of the Iida Domain during the Sengoku period. Iida City, with its beautiful Towns Maintenance in a Go board shape and its culture inherited from ancient times, is called "Shinshu's Little Kyoto". Traditional culture and traditional crafts inherited in ---- Minami Shinshu area In the Minami Shinshu area, many traditional cultures such as kagura, puppets, Bon Odori, and festivals are still passed down, and it is said to be a treasure trove of folk performing arts. In addition, Minami Shinshu is a production area of Mizuhiki crafts, which accounts for 70% of the nation's production. Mizuhiki is a culture that has been in Minami Shinshu for more than 300 years, and is a decorative string used for the front of gift bags. Fruits of ---- Minami Shinshu area Specialty Products The Minami Shinshu area is a "treasure trove of fruits" where you can enjoy various fruit picking throughout the four seasons. We will introduce the Representative Fruit Picking and its charm of Minami-Shinshu, a fruit kingdom that boasts the one of the most production volume in Japan, with terrain suitable for fruit production, such as abundant sunshine hours and temperature differences between day and night. ・Cherry picking Cherry picking in Minami Shinshu can be enjoyed in early summer. You can pick and taste the red ripe high-grade fruit cherries on the spot, and their sweetness and juiciness are exceptional. ・Pear picking Pear picking can be enjoyed from late summer to autumn. Fresh pears can be picked on the spot and enjoy the fresh taste. Minami Shinshu pears have a strong sweet taste and a crunchy texture. ・Apple picking Minami Shinshu is one of the one of the most apple cultivation areas in Japan. During the autumn harvest season, many people from all over the country visit in search of apples from Minami Shinshu. You can pick and taste the bright red ripe apples yourself, and their mellow aroma and sweetness are attractive. In addition, you can enjoy "Strawberry picking", "Grape picking", "Blueberry picking", and "Peach picking", and you can enjoy taste hunting such as "bamboo shoot picking" and "chestnut picking" other than fruits. ----Summary The Minami Shinshu area is a place where nature and history are in harmony. Hiking and camping in the great Nature are also recommended! There is also a night tour to see the starry sky in Achi Village, which is said to be the best starry sky in Japan. There are many ways to enjoy the Minami Shinshu area, such as enjoying the food culture of Local agricultural products and Local cuisine, the spectacular scenery of the four seasons, and various activities! Visit the Minami Shinshu area, where nature and history are in harmony, and experience its charm. Beautiful nature and culture await you. Cool JAPAN VIDEOS will provide recommended Tourist Information for the Minami Shinshu area of Nagano Prefecture, so thank you!
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Nagano Azumino Tourist Association
9 days ago
The Azumino Tourism Association will tell you about the current state of Azumino (Traditional Japanese straw raincoat), a garden city at the foot of Mt. of the Northern Alps. Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture (Azu Traditional Japanese straw raincoat shi) is located in the middle of Nagano Prefecture, in the central part of Nagano Prefecture, sandwiched between Matsumoto City to the south and Hakuba Village to the north. Unfolds the Wasabi field, the best in Japan, and the charm of Azumino, with clean water and air, will be transmitted through COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so thank you. [What is Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture?] 】 Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture is a city blessed with beautiful nature surrounded by the mountains of the Northern Alps. With a population of about 92,000 (as of April 2024), it is a place where history and culture come alive along with a rich natural environment. The beautiful scenery of the four seasons is attractive, especially fascinates people who visit the cherry blossoms in the Spring, the fresh greenery in summer, the autumn leaves in autumn, and the snowy scenery in winter. Since the Meiji era, Wasabi Cultivation has flourished, and the tradition has been passed down to this day, and Azumino is known as the Wasabi Growing Area of One of the best in Japan. 【Introduction of sightseeing spots in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City】 ・Daio Wasabi Farm Daio Wasabi Farm is one of the Representative tourist Spots of Azumino City. It is one of the largest Wasabi Farms in Japan, boasting an area of more than 10 Tokyo Domes, and the scenery of beautiful waterways is spectacular. You can also enjoy a tour of the Wasabi Field and various gourmet foods using wasabi. ・Hodaka Shrine It is said to be Azumino's Power Spot. Since ancient times, it has been widely believed as the guardian god of the Japanese Alps, traffic safety, and industrial safety. ・National Alps Azumino Park (Hori Kanehotaka District) It is one of the six national parks in the Kanto-Koshinetsu region. It is a vast natural park and a popular Spot for families and couples. Flowers bloom in the park, playground equipment for children to enjoy, Barbecue area, Day Camp Area, etc. ・Azumino Chihiro Art Museum The Azumino Chihiro Art Museum is an art museum that exhibits the works of picture book author Chihiro Iwasaki. In a tranquil environment surrounded by beautiful nature, you can enjoy the world of heartwarming Picture books. It's a soothing place for families and art lovers alike. ・Roadside Station Alps Azumino Horigane no sato Roadside Station located at the foot of Mt. of the Northern Alps is lined with Fresh, safe, secure, and handmade agricultural products. Azumino's Souvenirs, which focuses on Fresh vegetables and fruits, is also recommended. ・Experience programs and activities The appeal of Azumino City is that you can enjoy experience programs such as pottery, authentic chopstick making, Soba (buckwheat noodles) making experience, and activities such as Azumino Clear Water Rafting and Roux Singing! A tourist guide is also included, so even beginners can rest assured. ・Climbing in the Northern Alps The Northern Alps are the one of the best mountainous region in Japan, consisting of 3,000-meters-class mountains Azumino City, located at the foot of Mt. in the Northern Alps, is also recommended as a base for climbing the Northern Alps. 【Specialty products of Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City】 ・Wasabi Azumino City is known as the Wasabi Growing Area of One of the best in Japan. Clear water and cool climate make Wasabi cultivation suitable for cultivation, and its quality is highly appreciated both at home and abroad. There are many dishes and processing products that use wasabi, so be sure to taste wasabi from Azumino when you When you visit. ・Rainbow trout Rainbow trout farmed in the clear water of Azumino City is also one of the specialty products. In recent years, "Shinshu salmon" born from fish called Rainbow trout and Brown trout has become popular. 【Introduction of festivals and events in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City】 ・Azumino Festival Representative of Azumino City, the Azumino Festival is a summer festival held in every August. Mikoshi (portable shrine) procession, Local dances and music performances can be enjoyed. ・Ofune Festival The Ofune Festival is a traditional festival held every September at Hotaka Shrine. Boat-shaped festival floats parade through the town, and the local people come together to liven up the festivals. 【Introduction of sightseeing spots in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City】 Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Azumino City is a fascinating area surrounded by beautiful nature and rich history. Please visit Azumino City and experience its charm. We will continue to send out recommended tourist information and latest information that will be engraved on one page of your memories.
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Tomi City Tourist Association
30 days ago
HELLO VIEWERS OF COOL JAPAN VIDEOS! This is the Shinshu Toumi Tourism Association. Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture is a city in the eastern part of Nagano Prefecture. Surrounded by the Asama mountain range of Joshinetsu Kogen National Park to the north and Tateshina and Yatsugatake to the south, it is an area rich in Rich in nature, with more than half of the city being mountain forests and one-fourth being fields. The city was created in 2002 by the merger of Higashimomachi and Kitamomaki Village, and became "Tomi City" by taking one letter each of the Omi of Higashimomachi "east" and Kitamomaki Village. There is the Joshinetsu Expressway "Tobu Yunomaru Interchange" and the Shinano Railway "Tanaka Station" and "Shigeno Station", and it is about 2 hours from Central Tokyo and about 1 hour from Nagano City and Matsumoto City. ==Recommended sightseeing spots in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture== ・Unno Yado Opened in 1625 as a Shukuba-juku on the Kitakuni Highway, it is a tourist destination that still retains its original appearance. You can feel as if you have traveled back in time to the Edo period. ・Myojin Pond It is a pond built in the Edo period, and it is Maintenance as an Art Village Park centered on the pond, and you can see the beautiful scenery of the four seasons such as New green and autumn leaves in the Satoyama. There are facilities in the park such as the Umeno Memorial Picture Gallery and the Fureaikan. ・Unnojyuku History and Folklore Museum The building built around 1790 in the Edo period is still used as a Documents Museum. The climate, history, and documents of Unno Yado are on display ・Roadside Station Raiden Walnut Village At the Roadside Station at the entrance to Yunomaru Highland, you can enjoy a meal that makes use of hand-made soba "Inutate Soba" and local ingredients at the restaurant. Local agricultural products and specialty products are lined up, so it is also recommended to buy Souvenirs for sightseeing in Tomi City. ・Yunomaru Ski Resort It is the closest powder snow ski resort to Central Tokyo, and the six slopes can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced skiers. The business period is from late November to early April every year. ・Yunomaru Plateau It is a plateau located on the west side of the Asama mountain ranges, and the Renge azalea of Azalea Plain is also designated as a national natural monument. Every year, when the Renge azalea is in full bloom, the "Yunomaru Kogen Azalea Festival" is held. ・Yurakuchi-kan Wine & Beer Museum It is a facility where you can experience Tomi Wine, such as an exhibition room that introduces the history of Tomi Wine, winery Information in Tomi City, grape cultivation amount, etc., and a tasting area and wine sales centered on Tomi City wine. A wine concierge is also available, so be sure to find your favorite wine. ==Specialty products and gourmet foods of Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture== Kyoho grapes, walnuts, sweet corn, Shirado potatoes, and broccoli are specialty products of Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture. These specialty products are also popular as thank-you gifts for roadside stations and Furusato Nozei tax payments. In addition, wineries are being born one after another in Tomi City, and wine taxis are also operated to visit wineries in the city. ==Events and festivals in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture== ・Raiden Festival It is a major summer event in Tomi City held at Tanaka Shopping Street, and there are performances and dances on stage, and many Kitchen Cars are lined up in the shopping street. At the climax, the festivals are enlivened by a dance parade. ・Unno Yado Fureai Festival It is a festival held every November at Uminojuku, Old Kitakuni Highway, Unno Juku, and a procession dressed in Edo period costumes parades through the city. The buildings and gardens of Unno Yado, which you cannot usually see, will be opened. ==Agricultural experience in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture== The idyllic atmosphere of Tomi City, with its fields spread all around, is difficult to enjoy in the Central Tokyo. There is also a travel plan where you can enjoy farming experience while interacting with the warm and friendly people of Tomi City. Even if you visit sightseeing for the first time in Tomi, the local staff will support you so that you can participate with peace of mind. Agricultural experience plans include "Rice cultivation", "Apple cultivation", "Corn harvesting experience", and "Traditional Japanese straw raincoat harvesting experience". ==Recommended Information for Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture== The Nature of the Tomi City and the atmosphere of the historic city Fascination those who visit. Please feel the charm of Tomi City firsthand. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will provide recommended Information that will help you plan your trip to Tomi City.
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Nov. 17, 2023
Introducing the posts of the "Nakashibetsu Tourism Association" Cool Japan SNS official account! Nakashibetsu Town, Shibetsu District, Hokkaido is a town where agriculture such as dairy farming, potatoes, sugar beets, and radishes is thriving. Sightseeing spots rich in nature such as the "Kaiyodai Observatory" where you can experience the "roundness of the earth" are attractive. There are also plenty of seasonal events such as the "Nakashibetsu Winter Festival".
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Nakashibetsu Tourist Association
Nov. 5, 2023
Nice to meet you, everyone! This is the Nakashibetsu Tourist Association.
This is my first posting on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so this time I would like to introduce and appeal of Nakashibetsu Town in Hokkaido.
Thank you in advance!

Hokkaido Shibetsu DistrictNakashibetsu Town is a town with a population of 22,524 (as of the end of September 2023 (Reiwa 5)) located in the eastern part of Hokkaido.
Nakashibetsu Town in Hokkaido is blessed with nature, beautiful pastures and mountains, and agriculture such as dairy farming, Bareisho, sugar beet, and daikon is thriving.
Nakashibetsu Town, which boasts one of the largest producers of raw milk in Japan, produces a lot of milk, ice cream, cheese, etc., and is gaining popularity.

The climate is inland climate, and snow cover is relatively low in Hokkaido.
In summer, the average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius, and in winter, the average temperature is around minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Next, we will introduce popular tourist attractions in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido!

●Kaiyodai Observatory
The 330-degree horizon seen from the "Kaiyodai Observatory" on a plateau at an altitude of 270m is spectacular!
It is a spot where you can experience the "roundness of the earth".

It is also popular because you can see the Hokkaido heritage "lattice-shaped windbreak forest of Konsen Plateau Lattice-shaped windbreak"!
This huge windbreak was created across Nakashibetsu Town, Shibetsu Town, Betsukai Town, and Shibecha Town, and the total area of windbreak forests in the four towns is about 12,000 ha (about 2,500 times the size of Tokyo Dome).
The full extent of the windbreak can only be seen from an airplane.
In 2000 (Heisei 12), astronaut Mamoru Mohri took a video from the Space Shuttle Endeavour showed a lattice-shaped windbreak, so it became a hot topic as "an artificial object visible from space".

We also recommend the gourmet "Kaiyodai Observatory Happy Honey Soft Serve Ice Cream" and "Siretoco Donuts" that can be eaten at the café in the observatory! Please enjoy it when you visit.
* The café is open from late April to the end of October.

● Milk Road
The "Nakashibetsu TownNorthern Road Route 19", a straight road with a total length of about 6 km, is one of the tourist attractions called "Nakashibetsu Milk Road" because of the tanker trucks that carry milk.
Touring while looking at the magnificent meadows that spread around the road is popular, and it is also popular with motorcycle riders.

●Mutsu Pasture
"Mutsu Pasture" was started when Masanori Hata, a writer known for his animal lover nicknamed "Mutsugoro-san", was attracted to the Hokkaido horse "Dosanko" and raised two horses.

At Mutsu Pasture's "Hidamari Equestrian Club", you can experience horseback riding where you can communicate with the horses more deeply than at a normal ranch!
It starts with brushing and saddling, and the staff slowly moves through the forest and grassland while controlling the horse without pulling it.
You will be carefully instructed before departure, so beginners can rest assured!

●Midorigaoka Forest Park Campground
It is a park with an area of about 57 hectares, including bungalows, free sites, bike sites, playground equipment, and a bird observation center.
On the 6 km long forest road, you can also enjoy forest bathing while looking at the Shiretoko mountain range.
【Opening Period】Campsite: May 1st ~ October 31st

In addition, the "Nakashibetsu Airport Information Center" in Nakashibetsu Airport provides information on accommodation facilities from information around the airport.
There is also a car rental window on the first floor.
Please feel free to use it!

Next, we will introduce attractive events and festivals in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido!

■ Nakashibetsu Summer Festival
It is a summer festival held for two days in August every year in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido.
The sight of about 6,000 lanterns lit up and colored is the biggest attraction!
Stage performance events and the Odori Parade are also held.
(Contents at the time of the 2023 event)

■ Nakashibetsu Winter Festival
It is a winter festival held for two days in February every year.
The "Jumbo Slide" made of snow installed at the venue is very popular with children!
There are also stalls by local shops, etc., and you can enjoy Hokkaido gourmet food.
There will also be an exhibition of snow sculptures and a fireworks festival on the first night. * In February 2023, snow sculptures and fireworks have been canceled due to a reduced event.

In addition to these events, we also hold events according to the season and season, such as "Mt. Moan Trekking", "Ranch Walking Tour", and "Runway Night Walk"!
For details, please check the notice of the Nakashibetsu Tourist Association.

In Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido, there are five hot spring facilities in the city center and one in the suburbs in the Yoroushi Onsen area.
On the "Urban Hot Springs" page on the official website of Nakashibetsu Town Town Hall, the "City Area Day Trip Hot Spring Map" is also available.
Please use it when visiting day-trip hot spring hotels and inns.

The Furusato Nozei tax payment in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido is supported by many people.
Introducing popular thank-you gifts!
・Organic & Grass-Fed Pastured Cow Milk - Organic JAS-approved milk squeezed from cows that have eaten only grass.
・Hokkaido Nakashibetsu Original Cheese Set - An assortment of cheeses made with fresh raw milk.
・Hokkaido Inspiration Cup Gelato - Plenty of freshly squeezed milk from Nakashibetsu is used.
・Hokkaido Nomu yogurt - Lactic acid bacteria are added to fresh milk from Nakashibetsu and fermented slowly over time.

Nakashibetsu TownFurusato Nozei [Official] Instagram disseminates special products and tourist information.
Please take a look at this as well!

Nakashibetsu Town in Hokkaido is a town full of charms such as nature, sightseeing spots, and activities.
We will continue to send out recommended information about Nakashibetsu Town, so thank you!
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Obihiro Tourism and Convention Association
Jul. 2, 2023
The 35th International Agricultural Machinery Show in Obihiro 2023" will be held! From July 6 (Thursday) to 10 (Monday), a International Agricultural Machinery Show will be held in Obihiro City Kita Aikoku Plaza. The International Agricultural Machinery Show is held once every four years and attracts more than 100 exhibitors, including state-of-the-art agricultural machinery and related facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology. In addition, as a parallel event at the venue, the "Food Valley Tokachi Shokusaisai Festival 2023" will be held, and there will be a food and drink corner using Tokachi ingredients and a sales corner where products from the Tokachi area are lined up. In Japanese agriculture, as the population of farmers ages and there is a shortage of workers, the spread of agricultural machinery utilizing GNSS, ICT (information and communication technology), robot technology, etc. is progressing, and these technologies are expected to greatly change Japanese agriculture in the future. Please stop by. International Agricultural Machinery Show official website iams-obihiro.com/history #There is no parking lot at the venue. #Please use the temporary parking lot. A free shuttle bus is available.
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Jun. 16, 2023
Introducing the post of "Nayoro Sightseeing & Town Planning Association" COOL JAPAN VIDEOS official social media account! Nayoro City, located in the northern part of Hokkaido, is a city based on agriculture. Glutinous rice boasts the largest acreage in Japan and one of the largest acreage of asparagus in Hokkaido. There are also plenty of sightseeing spots such as "Nayoro City North Country Museum", "Nayoro Park", and "Hokkaido Sun Pillar Park", where [SL Kimaroki] is also exhibited in front of the museum. ◆Nayoro Sightseeing & Town Planning Association ◆ 【Address】 〒096-0001 Hokkaido Nayoro-shi Higashi 1-jo Minami 7-1-10 Ekimae Exchange Plaza Yorona 1F 【Access】About 90 minutes by car from Sapporo / About 2 hours 30 minutes by limited express train (JR Hokkaido) from Sapporo
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Nayoro Sightseeing & Town Planning Association
Apr. 17, 2023 (edited)
This is the "Nayoro Sightseeing & Town Planning Association" in Nayoro City, Hokkaido.

Nayoro City is located in the northern part of Hokkaido and is known for producing glutinous rice, which boasts the largest acreage in Japan, and asparagus, which boasts one of the highest yields in Hokkaido.

Since it is located in the north of Hokkaido, where the cold is severe, the temperature is low throughout the year, especially the average temperature in January is -8.6°C, and the average temperature in February is -14.9°C, which is the lowest among Japanese cities.

At dawn in the cold winter season, the water vapor in the air freezes into small ice crystals, and you can see the "diamond dust" of the fantastic scenery that sparkles in the sun.
You can also experience the sun pillar, where the reflection of the light of the diamond dust looks like a pillar in Nayoro City.

Here are some of the highlights, sightseeing spots, and popular gourmet foods in Nayoro Town.

First of all, I would like to introduce "Nayoro City Kitakuni Museums".
Nayoro City Kitakuni Museum is a facility built for the purpose of learning about the natural environment and culture of northern countries and connecting them to the future.
In the "Kamui Forest" corner, you can learn about the nature and culture of the Ainu.
In addition, in front of the Kitakuni Museum, the SL snow removal train "Kimaroki" is on display, so please take a look.

Next, I would like to introduce "Nayoro Park".
The park is surrounded by a forest that combines virgin forests and artificial forests, and the cherry blossoms in the park bloom in late May, and many cherry blossom viewers visit.
There is also a park golf course, a tennis field, and a baseball field in the park, making it a facility that everyone from Adult to children can enjoy.

The last place I would like to introduce is "Hokkaido Sun Pillar Park".
Seasonal flowers bloom in the park, and the summer sunflower field became popular as a filming location for the 2011 movie "Stargazing Dog".
There is an auto camp site, and it is also a base for bikers who enjoy sightseeing in Hokkaido.

There are many other recommended spots such as "Nayoro City Astronomical Observatory Kitasubaru", "Nayoro Piyasiri Ski Resort", and "Mt. Piyasiri".

When you come to Nayoro City, please enjoy the specialty products as well as the sightseeing spots.
Nayoro City is a thriving agricultural area where glutinous rice, glutinous rice, asparagus, pumpkin, sweet corn, etc. are produced.
Please enjoy nutritious vegetables grown in the great outdoors.
These Specialty Products of Nayoro City can be purchased at Roadside Station "Glutinous Rice Village Nayoro".

Access to Nayoro City is about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car from Asahikawa City and about 2 hours and 45 minutes by car from Sapporo City.

We will continue to regularly send out Information that will make you want to visit Nayoro Town, which is full of attractions, so please look forward to it.
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開智国際日本語学校(Kaichi International School of Japanese)
May. 9, 2023
[English/Japanese] Across the street from the amanatto (sweet bean) shop introduced previously is a public bathhouse that is famous in Hachioji. At the bathhouse, vegetables are sold unattended. At this sales place, rare vegetables from the Tama area are sold, and there is a wide variety of them, so it is fun just to look around 😊International students often take advantage of these unattended vegetable sales. The principal of our school also has a farm in Hachioji City, and he is often asked by foreigners to sell their produce. When I asked the students about it, they said it looks fresher and tastier than the ones sold in supermarkets. I encourage everyone to try these rare vegetables that can only be found in the Tama area. Across from the amanato shop I introduced earlier is a public bath that is famous in Hachioji. The public bath sells vegetables unmanned. This sales office sells rare vegetables from the Tama area, and it is fun just to look at them with a wide variety. 😊 The principal of our school also has a farm in Hachioji City, and foreigners often ask him to sell it. When I asked the students, they said that it looked fresher and tastier than the ones sold at the supermarket. Please try the rare vegetables that can only be harvested in the Tama area.
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Mar. 15, 2023
Introducing the photos posted on "Everyone's Post"! This is a pickup post of the inbound tourism information SNS "Cool Japan Video". Today, I would like to introduce a post by "Saori Yamakawa". The vast rape blossoms and mountain ridges are impressive photos. Koiwai Farm is a private farm located in Shizukuishi, Iwate District, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. The approximately 40-hectare tourist area, which is open as a makiba garden, is full of various leisure spots. There is also a wealth of nature where you can enjoy the four seasons, and the superb view of rape blossoms blooming along the prefectural road from around Koiwai Station and the rows of cherry blossom trees blooming in the park are also a must-see. You can easily interact with animals such as horseback riding, Toro carriages, and treats for ponies. Sheep grazing and sheep snack time are also highlights. In the Makiba Hall, you can also experience a workshop where you can make key chains and photo frames using wool and wood from Koiwai Farm. How about a one-of-a-kind souvenir in the world? Various events are held throughout the four seasons. The "Early Spring Makiba Festa" held in spring is full of projects unique to this season, such as special tours by tractor and walks in the forest. The park's restaurant also offers a spring-only menu. The illuminations held in winter are said to be the largest in Tohoku and are popular every year. You can enjoy it at the restaurants and cafes in Koiwai Farm, and gourmet foods such as Genghis Khan and sweets are also popular. You can also enjoy dishes using farm-grown ingredients at FARM DINING & CAFE Koiwai Farm Tokyo in Tokyo, a restaurant directly managed by Koiwai Farm in Tokyo. Japanese black beef is a popular gem. It is easily accessible from Tokyo Station and is recommended for lunch, dinner, and banquets. ◆Koiwai Farm◆ 【Address】〒020-0507 Iwate Prefecture, Iwate District, Shizukuishi-cho Marutanichi 36-1 【Access】 By car: Tohoku Expressway Morioka IC about 15 minutes / 12 km About 30~40 minutes by taxi from JR Morioka Station
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山川 さおり
Aug. 26, 2021
This is a photo of the rape flower field at Koiwai Farm in Iwate Prefecture. The back of the woman gives the story a refreshing atmosphere like early summer.
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Dylan Gibson
May. 18, 2021
I totally overlooked this the other day. Didn't see it at all. What an awesome bridge. Horai Bridge in Shimada, Shizuoka. Apparently the longest wooden walking bridge and even recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records. Amazing that it was built in 1879 but it can still hold so many people and is in such good shape. I wonder if it gets regular maintenance done. That newer looking segment partway through would have me think so. According to a quote in the original post taken from the Shimada City Homepage, the bridge was for agricultural use to cultivate the Makinohara Plateau which lays on the other side. Previously the people would have to cross by boat which was apparently dangerous. Looks like a really nice place to visit and the bridge has some history as well. Cool stuff!
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松山 正之
May. 14, 2021 (edited)
Horai Bridge is the longest wooden pedestrian bridge in the world.
It is a wooden bridge over the Oi River in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

<Quoted from Shimada City website>
Horai Bridge is an agricultural bridge built in 1879 (Meiji 12) to clear the Makinohara Plateau. Before the bridge was built, you had to cross the Oi River by small boat.
It was dangerous to go back and forth.
It is still used by farmers in the old city to manage the tea plantation on the opposite bank. In addition to playing an important role as a farm road, the Horai Bridge is a historic land improvement facility.
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