[Image1]NishikigauraOne of the scenic spots in Atami. It is a scenic spot that stretches for about 1 kilomet
[Image2]NishikigauraOne of the scenic spots in Atami. It is a scenic spot that stretches for about 1 kilomet
[Image3]NishikigauraOne of the scenic spots in Atami. It is a scenic spot that stretches for about 1 kilomet


One of the scenic spots in Atami. It is a scenic spot that stretches for about 1 kilometer from the south of Uomizaki, the entrance to Izu, and the cliffs continue. (Uomizaki ~ Nishikigaura ~ Sogaura is about 2 kilometers)

When the sun rises, the light shines as a dazzling five-colored light in Ura, so it came to be called "Nishikigaura" after the brocade weaving of Kyoto.
It retains the remnants of the Atami Taga volcano, and legends derived from historical figures such as Minamoto no Yoritomo and Kato Kiyomasa have also been preserved.

The height of the cliff is 80 meters. Strange rocks such as Kabuto Rock, Foundation Rock, Karasuhat Rock, and Benten Rock carved by rough waves are lined up, and Hatsushima and Oshima float on the sea.

It is recommended to look at this superb view from the vicinity of Hotel New Akao ~ Cafe "Flower Fairy".
* Entry to the Hotel New Akao "Rooftop Garden" is limited to guests staying at the hotel's lodging. Thank you for your understanding.

Address: 〒413-0033 Shizuoka Prefecture Atami City Atami (near Hotel New Akao)
Access: From JR Atami Station, take a bus bound for Ajiro for about 15 minutes → get off at Nishikigaura.

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Feb. 16, 2024
Jacaranda flowers Have you ever heard of Jacaranda, a member of the family Honeysuckle from South America? As you can see in the photo, it is a deciduous tree with purple flowers blooming in bunches like grapes, and the green leaves and purple flowers are very beautiful. In Atami City, there are tall trees (looking up height) and shrubs (eye level) along National Route 135 (sidewalks between East Kaigan Town "Jacaranda Promenade" ~ Nagisa Town "Shinsui Park" and in Shinsui Park). It is said that the flowering period in Japan is June, but due to the climate, it is very rare for flowers to bloom on the mainland (planted in open ground), and there were years when they did not bloom at all in Atami, and there are trees that bloom for the second time not only in June but also in September and October. Not all trees bloom when they bloom, and some years only a few bloomed. Some trees bloom a lot, some bloom only one bunch, and some don't bloom at all... How much will it bloom this season? * Bougainvillea is also in full bloom at the same time in Itokawa, so please visit it as well. [Main jacaranda planting locations and number] ● Jacaranda promenade (along Route 135, next to the sundeck) ・・・ 1 tall tree of about 10 m, 4 trees of 3 ~ 5 m, 100 shrubs of 1 ~ 2 m ●Along National Route 135 downhill (Chuo Police Box ~ Shinsui Park No. 2 Construction Zone) ・・・ 20 trees of 5~6m ●Shinsui Park 3rd Construction Zone: 1 tall tree about 2m tall around the pedestrian bridge, 5 shrubs on the slope of the Wada River Total of the above: 25 tall trees (other than shrubs), 105 shrubs [History] ・Planted a tree in July 1990 to commemorate the international sister city partnership with Cascais, Portugal (one of the green spaces in the palace) ・In 2000, trees were planted along the national highway (in front of the central police box diagonally ~ in front of the Shinsui Park event plaza) (24 trees)  (Some have since been transplanted, others have been newly planted.) ) ・In April 2013, trees were planted in Shinsui Park No. 2 (in front of the Tourism Association) and No. 3 (3 trees in the 2nd construction zone, 2 trees in the 3rd construction zone) ・On June 1, 2013, the "Jacaranda Promenade" was completed in the Omiya green area (east side) (45 young trees were planted). ・September 2013 ~ June 2014 (Heisei 26) 2013: Maintenance (tree planting) in the Omiya green area (west side), transplantation of several trees from along the national highway ・June 2014: Completion of "Jacaranda Promenade" Address: Shizuoka Prefecture Atami City East Coast Town ~ Nagisa Town Phone number: 0557-86-6218 (Atami City Parks and Green Space Division) Access: Jacaranda promenade (Omiya pine tree) ■About 20 minutes on foot from JR Atami Station ■ From JR Atami Station, take a bus bound for Atami Port for about 5 minutes → get off at "Omiya pine tree". Parking lot / Municipal toll P (East Parking Lot, Shinsui Park, etc.), etc.
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Former Hyuga Family Atami Bettei (Former Hyuga Bettei) Toshibei Hyuga, who was active in Asian trade, completed the construction in 1936 (Showa 11) as a separate residence. The design of the wooden two-story main house is by Hitoshi Watanabe, who is known for his designs for Wako in Ginza, Tokyo, the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno, Tokyo, and the Aichi Prefectural Office. The basement was designed by Bruno Taut, a world-renowned German architect, and is the only surviving architectural work left by Taut in Japan. It consists of three rooms: a social room with plenty of bamboo and paulownia, a Western-style room with a staircase as part of the room, and a Japanese-style room, and is designed with the beauty of Japanese style such as Katsura Imperial Palace and Ise Jingu Shrine in mind. After Mr. Hyuga's death, it was carefully used as a recreation center for a private company, but in 2004 (Heisei 16), when it was facing the danger of demolition, it was acquired by Atami City with a donation from a philanthropist living in Tokyo. In 2006, it was designated as an important cultural property of Japan. More than 80 years have passed since its completion, and there has been an urgent need for repair projects to improve damage and earthquake resistance due to deterioration over time, and a large-scale conservation and repair project was carried out from FY2018 (Heisei 30) to FY2021 (Reiwa 3). In August 2022, it was reopened to the public with as much preservation and reproduction as possible of the condition it was in at the time of construction. * The tour is a complete advance reservation system (online reservation only). For details and reservations, please check the Atami City Office website. Address: 〒413-0005 Shizuoka Prefecture Atami City Kasuga-cho 8-37 Phone number: 0557-86-6232 (Cultural Exchange Office, Lifelong Learning Division, Atami City: Weekdays only) Access: About 10 minutes on foot from JR Atami Station Open: Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:00~17:00 shift system *Online reservation required Price: 1,000 yen for adults, 700 yen for junior high and high school students Parking/None