【Sagami Kokufu Festival】
 May 5 (Sun) 9:30~
 Held at Mt. Kamitaka in Oiso Town

The Sagami Kokufu Festival brings together six companies from the former Sagami Province, which has been designated as an Intangible folk cultural asset of the prefecture
Each company's mikoshi crosses over to Mt. Kamizen
From noon, the Representative Shinto ceremony "Sitting and Answering" will be held

Ichinomiya Samukawa Shrine (Samukawa Town)
 Ninomiya Kawago Shrine (Ninomiya Town)
 Sannomiya Hibita Shrine (Isehara City) 10:20 departure
 Shinomiya Maetori Shrine (Hiratsuka)
One Country, One Shrine Hiratsuka Hachimangu (Hiratsuka)
 Sosha Rokusho Shrine (Oiso Town)

Parking is limited, so please come by public transportation
10 minutes by bus from Oiso Station, get off in front of Oiso Prince Hotel, 10 minutes on foot

* Some roads are closed around Oyaba and Mt. Kamira.
 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.

For details, please see the Rokusho Shrine website.

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