May. 28, 2023
[Image1]【🚃 Enoden and Mt 🗻. Fuji】

【🚃 Enoden and Mt 🗻. Fuji】
"Enoden and Mt.Fuji"
Location▷▷▶ Kamakura, Shichirigahama
📍Location:Shichirigahama Beach,Kamakura

A little-known spot where you can take pictures of Enoden and Mt. Fuji together. Nowadays, due to the influence of the anime Slam Dunk, Kamakura High School Mae Station is very popular and the people are amazing, but this is always a secret place where there are no people.
To be honest, it's a place I don't want to tell you too much lol.

On this day, it was raining the day before, so I could see Mt. Fuji from Kamakura. I was 😊 able to take a picture with the most popular 300 type in Enoden.

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  • May. 29, 2023
    Thank you for posting a very beautiful photo.
    Cool Japan Video also publishes articles about Kamakura.
    Please also see here if you like.

    Known as the ancient capital, Kamakura City in Kanagawa Prefecture is a place where you can see historical buildings and world-class Japan culture.
    "Tsuruoka Hachimangu", which is a hot topic in the taiga drama "13 People of Kamakuraden", is a shrine that represents Kamakura. The goddess is said to have benefits such as the three pillars of Hachiman deities (Emperor Ojin, Empress Jingong, and Hiurijin), good luck, improvement of skills, and warding off evil.
    In addition, apart from the shrines and temples, the most famous station is the Enoshima Electric Railway (commonly known as Enoden) "Kamakura High School Mae" station. There is a famous railroad crossing that appears in the opening of the anime "Slam Dunk", which is visited by anime fans both in Japan and abroad.
    Shichirigahama Beach is popular for people who enjoy yachting and windsurfing, and Koshigoe Beach is also popular during the Kaisu Gorge season.
    The numerous natural beauty created by the erosion of the waves on the west side of the Miura Peninsula is also recommended.
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    Power Spots in Kamakura, a Land of Prayer in Japan! Shrines, Temples, and Unique Festivals to Explore When Sightseeing in Kamakura, Kanagawa