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Seasonal Chef "Recommended" Dina Mountain Trail
5. Introducing 🍽️ the June menu

・ Seasonal sauce
・ Making salmon and shark sardines
・ Sea bream Roasted wood buds Ashirai
・ Crab and spinach shinda maki and vegetable cooking
・ Jako sansho boiled rice (incense thing, miso soup)
・Today's Fun Dessert Wagon
 Tea gateau phrase
 Matcha pudding
 Fruit tart
 Strawberry Ice Cream
 Matcha gateau chocolate
 * We will offer 4~5 desserts from this menu on a daily basis.

Limited to 15 meals a day!
Enjoy ♪ the chef's proud Japanese cuisine to your heart's content

Reservations and details
On the 💁 ♂️ hotel website

We look forward to seeing you there!

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