[Image1]As you all know, Suwa Lake is famous for crossing the gods, but do you know Other about the mysterio
[Image2]As you all know, Suwa Lake is famous for crossing the gods, but do you know Other about the mysterio
[Image3]As you all know, Suwa Lake is famous for crossing the gods, but do you know Other about the mysterio

As you all know, Suwa Lake is famous for crossing the gods, but do you know Other about the mysterious natural phenomenon of "Oshi-shi"? 
Suwa Lake has particularly strong winds in winter, and once the ice that has not been completely frozen breaks, and the ice fragments are pushed up to the shore by strong winds, a phenomenon called "yomi ice". This seems to be a natural phenomenon that can be seen in large lakes and not in rivers that stream all the time. The pieces of ice look like large pieces of glass, and you can see a fantastic scenery by layering them. In addition, the ice reflected by the sunlight looks very beautiful.
Take a walk, take pictures, or experience the fantastic winter Suwa Lake while running or walking.

I haven't been out for 6 years, including the last winter. It is not always possible to see the ice and the god crossing. Therefore, in winter, we distribute live videos on the website of the Suwa Tourist Association.
We strongly recommend that you check the videos before visiting.
◎ Even if there is ice, riding on the ice is very dangerous because there is a risk of falling into Suwa Lake. Please be sure to observe good manners and watch from a safe place.

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May. 22, 2024
Hello! This is the Suwa Tourist Association. Located in the center of Nagano Prefecture, Suwa City in Nagano Prefecture is an area where you can experience beautiful natural scenery such as Suwa Lake and Kirigamine, as well as rich history such as Takashima Castle and Suwa Grand Shrine. In COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will send out recommended sightseeing Spot and Latest Information in Suwa City, so thank you! ◆◆What is Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture? With a population of about 47,000, the Suwa City is about a two-hour drive from the Central Tokyo. The Suwa Grand Shrine Upper Shrine Lower Shrine, which is said to be one of the oldest shrines in Japan, is Visit by many tourists throughout the year. In the Edo period, it flourished as a Castle Town of the Takashima Domain, and in the Meiji period, it flourished as the center of the global silk industry. ◆◆Tourist Spots in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture ◇Suwa Grand Shrine It is the head shrine of Suwa Grand Shrine all over Japan. The Upper Shrine is located in the Main Shrine (Suwa City) and Mae-miya Shrine (Chino City), and the Lower Shrine is divided into Autumn Shrine and Spring Shrine (both Shimosuwa Town). In an architectural style called Suwa Structure, the shrine hall is designated as an important cultural property of the National Important Cultural Property, and the forest of the shrine is designated as a natural monument of the prefecture. The "Four Shrine Tour" is a popular sightseeing course that tours the four shrines of Suwa Grand Shrine. ◇Takashima Castle / Takashima Park The castle was built about 420 years ago, and the water of Lake Suwa Lake played the role of a moat, so it is also called "Suwa no Ukijo Castle". The current castle tower is visited by many tourists as a Reference Room and Observation decks. Takashima Park in the castle is also popular as a famous place for cherry blossoms. ◇Suwa Lake Suwa Lake is located almost in the center of Nagano Prefecture and is the largest lake in Shinshu with a circumference of 16 kilometers meters. It is full of highlights such as a lakeside walk, the Harmo Museum of Art, and the largest glass museum in Nagano Prefecture "SUWA Glass Village". ◇Kamisuwa Hot Spring It is a hot spring on the shore of Lake Suwa Lakeside and has one of the highest daily gushing volumes in Japan. There are many hotels, inns, guesthouses, and one-day hot spring facilities, so you can enjoy it according to your travel plan. ◇ Tateishi Park It is a park on the mountainside, and you can see Suwa Lake below. There is also talk that it may have been used as a model for a movie! 100 best sunset points in Shinshu has been selected as a New Japan's Three Greatest Night Views and 100 Best Night Views. ◇Kirigamine Highlands Alpine plants in all four seasons dye the entire Highlands. The spectacular view of Mt. Fuji, the Alps, and the Yatsugatake mountain range will surely bring you Impression. There is Kirigamine Ski Resort in the Highlands, where you can enjoy winter sports. ◇Nagano Prefecture Kirigamine Nature Conservation Center At the Nagano Prefectural Visitor Center located in Yatsugatake Chushin Kogen Quasi-National Park, you can learn about the flora, fauna, and history of Kirigamine through photos and panels. ◇Suwa Gokura Suwa City's sake, which is made with underground water Gushing subterranean water from the Kirigamine Highlands, clear air, and a cold climate, is one of the best in Japan. There are five sake breweries (Suwa Gokura) in the city, and it is also popular to visit the sake breweries where you can walk around each brewery. ◆◆Specialty products of Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture Suwa City has a wide variety of Specialty Products harvested and produced locally, such as Western Karin (quince) products, river fish products, sake, Kanten (agar-agar), and Shinshu miso. These are known for their high quality and are highly regarded not only in the Local market but also nationally. ◆◆Introduction of festivals and events in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture ◇Suwa Grand Shrine Onbashira Festival It is a traditional Shinto ritual of Suwa Grand Shrine that has been passed down for more than 1,200 years, held once every seven years in the Year of the Tiger and the Monkey. At the Onbashira Festival, 16 large large fir trees over 17 meters are erected at the four corners of the shrine by hand. The next meeting will be held in in 2028. ◇Suwa Lake Festival Fireworks Display on Lake Suwa Held in on August 15 every year, fireworks launched from a launch platform set up on Hatsushima Island on Lake Suwa Lake dye Suwa Lake in vivid colors. It is one of the One of the largest fireworks festivals in Japan, and about 500,000 spectators Visit every year. ◆◆Disseminate Tourist Information of Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture Suwa City is an area full of charm woven with history, nature, and culture. Experience the history of Japan in Suwa City and spend a blissful time surrounded by Nature. COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will provide Recommendations for Suwa City, so thank you.