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[Image1]Baekje Temple 2024.06.15Baekje-ji Temple is one of the oldest Temple in Omi Province, founded by Pri

Baekje Temple 2024.06.15

Baekje-ji Temple is one of the oldest Temple in Omi Province, founded by Prince Shotoku in the 14th year of Suko, more than 1400 years ago.
A long time ago, when Prince Shotoku took inn at the foot of Mt. Tarobo in Yokkaichi, he saw Zuiko (Myoko) in the eastern mountains every evening.
The next morning, the prince was mystified, and when he entered the mountains, he found a large tree with the upper half of its trunk cut off in the place of the light spring.
Around this large tree, Mr./Ms.'s mountain monkey worships with fruit offerings.
When the prince saw this scene, he felt that this great cedar tree was a sacred tree, and he was instructed to build a statue of the Bodhisattva Kanzenon with this large tree growing, and he put his first sword into it.
This Kanzenon is called "Ueki Kannon" because it is a large tree with roots, and the trunk of the upper half becomes the "eleven-sided Kannon" enshrinement facing east at Yongunsa Temple in Baekje, and the west-facing "Ueki Kannon" faces each other to become "two Kannon-sama of the same tree". From HP

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