Sep. 15, 2021
Some photos I took at Nijo Castle in spring 2018. You can see the cherry blossoms in some of the photos just starting to bloom, but not quite in full bloom, and the rest of the gardens were really enjoyable as well. I really liked the gold decorations/designs on the buildings. The gate was also really cool. I believe it's called Karamon Gate although I'm not 100% sure on that. The moat around the castle was pretty neat as well, I can imagine it was a strong fortification, especially since it belonged to Tokugawa Ieyasu, although I'm not entirely sure about the rest of the castle's history. The photos of the moat and surrounding area were taken from on top of a small vantage point, and I wonder if it was originally some sort of turret, but I'm not sure about that either. Either way, I definitely recommend giving it a visit to anyone in Kyoto or anyone planning to visit Kyoto. I believe it was relatively close to the Golden Pavilion as well, so if you have the chance, why not?