[Image1]Folk doll museums around the world have started an exhibition of
[Image2]Folk doll museums around the world have started an exhibition of
[Image3]Folk doll museums around the world have started an exhibition of
[Image4]Folk doll museums around the world have started an exhibition of

Folk doll museums around the world have started an exhibition of "May Dolls Irises Festival".
May dolls are often decorated as a celebration of the "Tango Festival" on May 5, such as helmet decorations, armor decorations, and general decorations. It is a traditional event that has been cherished as part of Japanese culture since ancient times.
In this May doll exhibition, 250 warrior dolls and a child general with a heroic expression are lined up in 15 Japanese dolls decorated in 30 tiers with a height of 6 meters and are overwhelmingly powerful. It is one of the largest in Japan and is worth seeing.
On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during the exhibition period, a Warlord experience is also held.
Why don't you feel like a warlord?

April 27, 2024 (Sat) ~ June 9, 2024 (Sun) Closed on Wednesdays after May 8
For more information, please visit the World Folk Doll Museum ☎026-245-2340

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