[Image1]Ieyasu no Yu (Foot Bath)A foot bath in front of Atami Station using natural hot springs. It was esta
[Image2]Ieyasu no Yu (Foot Bath)A foot bath in front of Atami Station using natural hot springs. It was esta

Ieyasu no Yu (Foot Bath)

A foot bath in front of Atami Station using natural hot springs. It was established as a commemorative project for the 400th anniversary of Tokugawa Ieyasu's fever (March 2004), and is crowded with many people every day.

All hot water is removed after 16:00 and cleaned every morning, so it is clean.
Use the new hot spring again, and it is a "flowing footbath" that is used.

One original towel is sold at the vending machine for 100 yen (tax included), so you can feel free to stop by.

Temperature: Approximately 41 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Celsius)
Spring Quality/Sodium/Calcium-Chloride
Indications: Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, bruises, chronic digestive diseases, sensitivity to cold, recovery from fatigue, cuts, burns, etc.

Address: 〒413-0011 Shizuoka Prefecture Atami City Tawarahoncho 9 (in front of Atami Station)
Phone number: 0557-86-6218 (Atami City Park and Green Space Division)
Access: 1 minute walk from JR Atami Station
Business hours/9:00~16:00 *It may end earlier than the above due to circumstances.
open all year
Free to Use
Parking / None (Use of nearby paid P)
* It may be suspended due to maintenance, etc.

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