[Image1]The flower
[Image2]The flower

The flower "Jacaranda" heralds the early summer of Atami.

Whether it will bloom or not, you won't know until that year. Such a slightly capricious jacaranda flower.
In 1990, the two trees were donated by Atami City's international sister city, the city of Power Skys in Portugal, and now more than 100 trees have been planted.
The world's three largest flowering trees, which are distributed mainly in tropical regions with perpetual summer, have now become the flowers that herald the beginning of summer in Atami. Along the coast of Atami, in June, small blue-purple jacaranda flowers in the shape of trumpets color the sky like a bouquet from Omiya Ryokuchi to Sun Beach.

Every year, in early June, during the flowering season, the "Jacaranda Festival" is held.
It is said that "happiness visits when flowers fall on your head", how long will jacaranda bloom this season? Please come and ♪ see the precious purple flowers

* The event period is the "Light Up" Implementation period. Please note that the flowering status may vary.

Period: June 1, 2024 ~ June 16, 2024
Venue name: Jacaranda promenade (around Omiya pine tree)
Light-up time: 18:00~22:00 daily during the above period

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