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Shinshu Suzaka Tourist Association
3 days ago
In the Chikuma River riverbed, Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture In the fields, the flowers of fruit trees such as peach blossoms and pear blossoms are in best time to visit. There are about 24 hectares in the Chikuma River riverbed The peach orchard spreads to about 8,000 peach trees Bright pink flowers are in full bloom. In addition, the white flowers of "plum", "Pear" also has white flowers, yellow "rape flower", etc. It's blooming! When the weather is nice, you can ⛰️ see the Five Mountains of Northern Shinshu in the peach field Five Mountains of Northern Shinshu is a mountain in the Hokushin region of Nagano Prefecture. It can be seen mainly from the Nagano Basin, Mt. Myoko, Mt. Madarao, Mt. Kurohime, Mt. Togakushi Mountain, It is a general term for Mt. Mt. Iizuna.
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Matsumae Town, Hokkaido
5 days ago
🌸 Reaching the cherry blossom front line in 🌸 Matsumae Town At the Matsumae Town Hall Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division, today, April 16, 2024 (Reiwa 6) At 11 a.m., we declared the blooming of Somei Yoshino, a standard tree that landed in Hokkaido on the cherry blossom front. This year, it bloomed 🌸 11 days earlier than the average year and 5 days later than last year In Matsumae Town, the "76th Matsumae Sakura Festival" will finally be held from this weekend! 10,000 cherry trees of 250 species bloom one after another in spring in Matsumae Town. Enjoy 🌸 the earliest spring in Hokkaido in Matsumae Town Event Information of the Sakura Festival can be found from the profile on this page. You can 👀 check it on the linked "Matsumae Town Official Tourism Site" ------------------------------------------ The names of the cherry blossom varieties listed this time are as follows. 1. Someiyoshino 2. Oyama Sakura (Oyamazakura) 3. Chishima Sakura 4. Pale red weeping 5. Arcolade 6. Mamezakura 7. Kawazu cherry blossoms 8. Fuyuzakura
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