Nov. 9, 2023
[Image1]Goshikinuma 🌿 surrounded by fresh greeneryThis is

Goshikinuma 🌿 surrounded by fresh greenery

This is "Goshikinuma" in Fukushima Prefecture

I visited during the fresh green season and photographed the blue maple and the five-color swamp.
The rowboat has a good taste 😆 again

Best time to see: Spring to summer
Location: Fukushima

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  • Nov. 13, 2023
    Thank you for posting such a beautiful photo.
    Cool Japan Video also publishes an article about Goshikinuma.
    Please take a look here if you like.

    Introducing the Goshikinuma Lakes on the north side of Mt. Aizu Bandai, Fukushima Prefecture, which has a beautiful cobalt blue lake surface as a nature walking spot.
    In Urabandai in Fukushima Prefecture, there are about 30 small lakes and swamps, large and small, and they are characterized by various shades such as green, red, and blue. It is also called the "mysterious lake" because of its beauty, and has been awarded one star in the Michelin Green Guide.
    In addition to the cobalt blue lake, the fresh greenery is reflected in the water, and the emerald green Rurinuma is also popular. In addition, there are swamps that show various shades depending on the season and weather, such as emerald blue, turquoise blue, and pastel blue.
    The surrounding area is full of sightseeing spots, such as Lake Hibara, the largest lake located in the center of Bandai Highland, and Roadside Station Urabandai, where you can enjoy local gourmet food and sweets.
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    This Place Screams Instagram! The Cobalt Blue Waters of Fukushima's "Goshikinuma" Are Out of This World!