[Image1]In the precincts of this shrine, there is the Kushiro Gokoku Shrine, which enshrines the spirits of

In the precincts of this shrine, there is the Kushiro Gokoku Shrine, which enshrines the spirits of the Kushiro area. We serve at the monthly memorial service and the war memorial service on August 15. Please visit the main shrine of Itsukushima Shrine.

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Sep. 14, 2023
◎ The 15th of every month is a good day ◎ A good relationship is not limited to love, but I would like you to wish in your heart for the relationship you want to tie, such as a relationship with work, a relationship with a school destination, and a relationship with the path you should take. For those who receive the Mizuhiki Matchmaking Amulet and Matchmaking Prayer shuin stamps we will share the cutting of the five edges. When you go through the circle of prayer for good marriage, please go to the main shrine and purify yourself. (Left→ Right→ Left) After that, please go through the circle of good marriage prayers with your wishes and proceed to the main shrine. ■ Those who wish to mail ■ * Application acceptance period 9/15 First fruit fee 500 yen Shipping fee 180 yen per delivery address Please send it by registered mail to the following address. 〒085-0842 1-3-18 Yonemachi, Kushiro, Hokkaido 0154-41-4485 Itsukushima Shrine ◎ If you also receive the original shuin stamp books, we will send you the one you wrote directly. Blue shuin stamp books (small) 1,600 yen Blue shuin stamp books (small) commemorative seal 2,000 yen Purple / Pink shuin stamp books (large) 2,000 yen * A commemorative stamp will be included on the first page. * In principle, direct writing of shuin stamps is from 9:00 to 15:00, and during busy times and 15:00-17:00, it may be handed over. It is said that the Inari Shrine and Otoku Inari Shrine in the precincts are matchmaking, and the Ryujin Shrine is said to have a divine virtue that connects luck and connections between people. Please visit together with the main shrine.