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Seasonal Chef "Recommended" Dinner Course
1. The menu for February is [Japanese kaiseki]

Please enjoy ✨ the chef's special dinner course using plenty of seasonal ingredients
For desserts, 4~5 items are provided ♪ by wagon service on a daily basis.

・ Seasonal sauce
・Soi, scallops, sweet shrimp sashimi
・Grilled bonito sansho
・ Cooking crab majo and vegetables
・ Rice cooked with bamboo (incense miso soup)
・Today's Fun Dessert Wagon
  Rice flour Swiss roll cake
  Cherry Panna Cotta
  Matcha and yuzu gateau chocolate
  Chocolate and strawberry shortcake
  Black honey ice cream

Limited to 15 meals a day!
The price is ¥4,800 per person.

Please come and visit us!

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