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This is an introduction to the "Takabocchi Highlands" on the border of Okaya City and Shiojiri City, next to Kankochi Suwa.

The Takabocchi Highlands is a Highlands that spreads out on a gentle slope. You can enjoy a 360° panorama in the midst of Nature.

If the weather is good, you can see Mt. Fuji, Yatsugatake, the Northern Alps, the Southern Alps, the Central Alps, Mt. Ontake, and Mt. Norikura.
The alpine plant Renge azalea was blooming bright red.

* High Bocce Skyline is closed from early December to late April during the winter season.

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16 days ago
Shinshu Kankochi Suwa!!! In the Suwa, there is a gentle undulation from Kurumayama to Washigamine Kirigamine Highlands There are.  Around the end of June, seasonal alpine plants such as Renge azalea, daylily sedge, and pine beetle dye the green meadow in a variety of colors. Mt. Fuji, the Alps, the Yatsugatake mountain range, and other famous peaks that Japan is proud of are also overlooked.  In addition, the Kirigamine Highlands is also known as the birthplace of Japan gliders, as it is suitable for flying gliders with abundant updrafts in the area. In the Kirigamine, the three major marshes of the Kirigamine are formed by the Restrooms available Kurumayama, Shimagahara Marsh, and Ikenokurumi Landing Wetlands, and more than 400 kinds of subalpine plants can be observed throughout the year.  It is also designated as a national natural monument and is a rare wetland in the world. In early summer, you can also see Renge azalea, and the bright orange flowers are beautiful! In summer, "daylily" (Daylily) blooms 🌼 as shown in the photo Most of the photos are sent by the staff of our Kirigamine Nature Conservation Center Mr./Ms.  This year, it may bloom a little earlier than every year. And this year, thanks to the people involved in Kirigamine, there seems to be little damage from Deer, so it may be a normal year. Why don't you put the rich clear Highlands air full of Suwa's nature into your body and visit to refresh yourself? * The photo is taken last year in 2023.
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29 days ago
Kankochi Suwa!!!  Introducing the Takashima Castle Festival! May 26, 2024 (the fourth Sunday in May every year). The 55th Takashima Castle Festival was held in. This year, 19 groups presented on stage. Hip-hop dances, Japan dances, Drum, singer singing, Restrooms available and the Matsumoto Castle Gun Corps (arquebus) were Restrooms available.   The Gun Squad made a strong impression on me. Restrooms available even in Japan. The arquebus is about 430 years old Restrooms available and I think that there are few people who have traditionally preserved the ones that can be used today Squid The people who protect the arquebus and carry on the tradition are the people of the Matsumoto Castle Gun Corps. That's why arquebuses can be seen at events such as Matsumoto Castle. The gunners brought several types of arquebuses. To the untrained eye, I saw two types of arquebuses. The first is the bantsu (infantry gun), and the next is the medium tube (medium gun). They fired blanks in several different formations. It was a great impact sound! Finally, a batter from Suwa shot the middle tube. It was a huge sound that seemed to cut through the space we were in. It was really amazing, and I felt wonderful! Drum performances, children's Hip-Hop dances, and families came to watch. In this festival, you can buy specialties from Stalls, sister cities, and friendship cities, and you can also do tree climbing!!  We were blessed with good weather and many citizens came to the event. If you have the opportunity to come to the Takashima Castle Festival, please come and enjoy it!