[Image1]Kamakura Thirteen Buddhist Pilgrimage Executive Committee]The 13th (2024) Ume Plum Kamakura Special

Kamakura Thirteen Buddhist Pilgrimage Executive Committee]
The 13th (2024) Ume Plum Kamakura Special Visit (Notice)
During the period from February 14 (Wednesday) to March 27 (Wednesday), 2024, temples and shrines in Kamakura will Implementation special worship [limited number of people by application], [no application required = first-come, first-served worship reception on the day], [free worship without application], and [Kamakura 13 Buddha pilgrimage with monks].
Why don't you touch the charm of temples and shrines that are different from usual in Kamakura in early spring with the scent of Ume plums?

Temples and shrines marked with "Application required" can only be visited by those who have applied (a participation certificate will be sent).
Please note that temples and shrines that say "Reception on the day" also have a capacity.
(Special visits to Kaizoji Temple are free to visit, so there is no capacity.) )
* Application for participation in "Special Worship by Application" is only a round-trip postcard.
* The application deadline is 8 days before each event date (round-trip postcards will be sent to the Executive Committee).
* Please refrain from making inquiries to each temple and shrine.

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