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Consisting of Tokachi-Obihiro Airport, Kushiro, Lake Akan, Mashu and Kussharo, Nemuro and Nakashibetsu, Shiretoko, Okhotsk, and Obihiro and Tokachi, Higashi Hokkaido is an area where you can enjoy local gourmet, outdoor activities, and nature.
You can also enjoy sustainable travel such as delicious water and Ainu culture.

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The Road to Naturelbeauty for Eastern Hokkaido DMO
Jun. 15, 2023
Hello! The Road to Naturelbeauty for Eastern Hokkaido DMO.
Our The Road to Naturelbeauty for Eastern Hokkaido DMO are engaged in a variety of businesses, including secondary transportation management, product development, domestic and inbound promotions, and market research.
From now on, in COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we will send out proposals and charms of Higashi Hokkaido travel, so thank you!

Among Hokkaido, "Higashi Hokkaido" has many areas rich in nature, and it is an area where you can enjoy the outdoors and the blessings of nature.
We convey the natural beauty and culture of "Higashi Hokkaido" and the charm of each region to many people, and propose new forms of travel.

【Access to Higashi Hokkaido】
Higashi Hokkaido has many popular tourist spots, but Hokkaido is very large, so it is recommended to use the nearest airport in each region!

◎ If you want to go sightseeing in Obihiro and Tokachi, "Tokachi Obihiro Airport"
◎ If you want to go sightseeing in Kushiro, Lake Akan, and Mashukusharo, "Tancho Kushiro Airport"
◎ If you want to go sightseeing in Kitami, Abashiri, and Shari Utoro, "Memanbetsu Airport"
◎ If you want to go sightseeing in Nakashibetsu and Betsukai, "Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport"
◎ If you want to go sightseeing in Monbetsu, "Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport"

I would like to introduce transportation (secondary transportation) and recommended information from these airports to the purpose in the future COOL JAPAN VIDEOS.
Higashi Hokkaido also has a wide range of train trips, bus trips, sightseeing taxis, sightseeing buses, etc., so there are many ways to enjoy it that you cannot enjoy with a rental car, so please check it out.

[Play all the Higashi Hokkaido! ] 】
Higashi Hokkaido has many recommended spots from famous sightseeing spots to superb views of nature!
Even if you don't have a rental car, I will introduce a model plan for sightseeing that you can play efficiently and how to play in future posts.

【Higashi Hokkaido Gourmet】
Hokkaido is one of the most gourmet countries in Japan, and you can enjoy a variety of gourmet foods in each season.
The exquisite gourmet food made with ingredients grown in the vast land and the northern ocean is delicious even if you eat it every day!
On a gourmet trip in Higashi Hokkaido, in addition to having a delicious meal, if you learn about the story and history of how Hokkaido's ingredients become delicious, the way you taste Hokkaido gourmet may also change!

【Enjoy a sustainable trip in Higashi Hokkaido】
Higashi Hokkaido encourages sustainable travel to enjoy sightseeing while protecting the local natural environment.
In addition to the rich nature, there are many wonderful attractions in the "normal" life of people who live there that the locals do not notice!
In Higashi Hokkaido, we will introduce sustainable tourism such as the traditional culture created by the Ainu, and the great nature of Hokkaido, where you can feel a foreign country even though it is Japan.

【Higashi Hokkaido Lifestyle】
The pleasure of traveling is not limited to visiting famous sights.
The real pleasure of traveling is to feel the history and life of the place.
In Higashi Hokkaido, you can fully enjoy the climate unique to the northern country, the scenery of nature, and the new form of travel that touches the cityscape and the people who live there.
It is also recommended to spend a luxurious time feeling the northern lifestyle without daring to do anything.

In future posts, we will introduce the latest information and attractions of the Higashi Hokkaido area!
In the vast land of Higashi Hokkaido, you can enjoy various forms of travel, so please come and visit!