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Nakashibetsu Town, Shibetsu District, Hokkaido is a town where agriculture such as dairy farming, potatoes, sugar beets, and radishes is thriving.
Sightseeing spots rich in nature such as the "Kaiyodai Observatory" where you can experience the "roundness of the earth" are attractive.
There are also plenty of seasonal events such as the "Nakashibetsu Winter Festival".

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Nakashibetsu Tourist Association
Nov. 6, 2023
Nice to meet you, everyone! This is the Nakashibetsu Tourist Association.
This is my first posting on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, so this time I would like to introduce and appeal of Nakashibetsu Town in Hokkaido.
Thank you in advance!

Hokkaido Shibetsu DistrictNakashibetsu Town is a town with a population of 22,524 (as of the end of September 2023 (Reiwa 5)) located in the eastern part of Hokkaido.
Nakashibetsu Town in Hokkaido is blessed with nature, beautiful pastures and mountains, and agriculture such as dairy farming, Bareisho, sugar beet, and daikon is thriving.
Nakashibetsu Town, which boasts one of the largest producers of raw milk in Japan, produces a lot of milk, ice cream, cheese, etc., and is gaining popularity.

The climate is inland climate, and snow cover is relatively low in Hokkaido.
In summer, the average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius, and in winter, the average temperature is around minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Next, we will introduce popular tourist attractions in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido!

●Kaiyodai Observatory
The 330-degree horizon seen from the "Kaiyodai Observatory" on a plateau at an altitude of 270m is spectacular!
It is a spot where you can experience the "roundness of the earth".

It is also popular because you can see the Hokkaido heritage "lattice-shaped windbreak forest of Konsen Plateau Lattice-shaped windbreak"!
This huge windbreak was created across Nakashibetsu Town, Shibetsu Town, Betsukai Town, and Shibecha Town, and the total area of windbreak forests in the four towns is about 12,000 ha (about 2,500 times the size of Tokyo Dome).
The full extent of the windbreak can only be seen from an airplane.
In 2000 (Heisei 12), astronaut Mamoru Mohri took a video from the Space Shuttle Endeavour showed a lattice-shaped windbreak, so it became a hot topic as "an artificial object visible from space".

We also recommend the gourmet "Kaiyodai Observatory Happy Honey Soft Serve Ice Cream" and "Siretoco Donuts" that can be eaten at the café in the observatory! Please enjoy it when you visit.
* The café is open from late April to the end of October.

● Milk Road
The "Nakashibetsu TownNorthern Road Route 19", a straight road with a total length of about 6 km, is one of the tourist attractions called "Nakashibetsu Milk Road" because of the tanker trucks that carry milk.
Touring while looking at the magnificent meadows that spread around the road is popular, and it is also popular with motorcycle riders.

●Mutsu Pasture
"Mutsu Pasture" was started when Masanori Hata, a writer known for his animal lover nicknamed "Mutsugoro-san", was attracted to the Hokkaido horse "Dosanko" and raised two horses.

At Mutsu Pasture's "Hidamari Equestrian Club", you can experience horseback riding where you can communicate with the horses more deeply than at a normal ranch!
It starts with brushing and saddling, and the staff slowly moves through the forest and grassland while controlling the horse without pulling it.
You will be carefully instructed before departure, so beginners can rest assured!

●Midorigaoka Forest Park Campground
It is a park with an area of about 57 hectares, including bungalows, free sites, bike sites, playground equipment, and a bird observation center.
On the 6 km long forest road, you can also enjoy forest bathing while looking at the Shiretoko mountain range.
【Opening Period】Campsite: May 1st ~ October 31st

In addition, the "Nakashibetsu Airport Information Center" in Nakashibetsu Airport provides information on accommodation facilities from information around the airport.
There is also a car rental window on the first floor.
Please feel free to use it!

Next, we will introduce attractive events and festivals in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido!

■ Nakashibetsu Summer Festival
It is a summer festival held for two days in August every year in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido.
The sight of about 6,000 lanterns lit up and colored is the biggest attraction!
Stage performance events and the Odori Parade are also held.
(Contents at the time of the 2023 event)

■ Nakashibetsu Winter Festival
It is a winter festival held for two days in February every year.
The "Jumbo Slide" made of snow installed at the venue is very popular with children!
There are also stalls by local shops, etc., and you can enjoy Hokkaido gourmet food.
There will also be an exhibition of snow sculptures and a fireworks festival on the first night. * In February 2023, snow sculptures and fireworks have been canceled due to a reduced event.

In addition to these events, we also hold events according to the season and season, such as "Mt. Moan Trekking", "Ranch Walking Tour", and "Runway Night Walk"!
For details, please check the notice of the Nakashibetsu Tourist Association.

In Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido, there are five hot spring facilities in the city center and one in the suburbs in the Yoroushi Onsen area.
On the "Urban Hot Springs" page on the official website of Nakashibetsu Town Town Hall, the "City Area Day Trip Hot Spring Map" is also available.
Please use it when visiting day-trip hot spring hotels and inns.

The Furusato Nozei tax payment in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido is supported by many people.
Introducing popular thank-you gifts!
・Organic & Grass-Fed Pastured Cow Milk - Organic JAS-approved milk squeezed from cows that have eaten only grass.
・Hokkaido Nakashibetsu Original Cheese Set - An assortment of cheeses made with fresh raw milk.
・Hokkaido Inspiration Cup Gelato - Plenty of freshly squeezed milk from Nakashibetsu is used.
・Hokkaido Nomu yogurt - Lactic acid bacteria are added to fresh milk from Nakashibetsu and fermented slowly over time.

Nakashibetsu TownFurusato Nozei [Official] Instagram disseminates special products and tourist information.
Please take a look at this as well!

Nakashibetsu Town in Hokkaido is a town full of charms such as nature, sightseeing spots, and activities.
We will continue to send out recommended information about Nakashibetsu Town, so thank you!