Jun. 17, 2021
Wow, it's awesome watching these cups come together. I love watching videos of craftsmanship like this. Don't see a lot of this anywhere else these days. Japan always has the coolest traditional crafts too. I really enjoy sake so I should consider getting one of these probably. I'd also like to get some Edo Kiriko as well, but they're a bit more pricey and I'm really pick about which one I want lol. I love seeing all the specialized tools used in each craft too. Some you can just tell that there's no other possible use and you can get an idea of just how much knowledge has been handed down to reach this point. Really awesome stuff

Okeya Kondo's Yoshino Cedar Sake Cups: Made in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture With Domestic Materials Sure to Make Your Sake Taste Better. A Must-Have for Those Who Enjoy Sake!

Traditional Crafts