Dec. 20, 2021 (edited)
Was shopping the other day in Nihonbashi and saw this akabeko and thought it was really cute so I decided to take a photo of it.

The name was quite funny to me as well. Instead of the usual "akabeko" this was a "nemubeko," or "tired-beko" basically, and you can see how the eyes are actually half way shut instead of the normally wide-open eyes, giving it the tired look lol.

I've always wanted to try an akabeko experience as I love traditional Japanese crafts and akabeko in particular seem really fun to make. I've read a few posts in another places of people trying akabeko workshops and having a really fun time.

I haven't used papier mache since I was a kid either so it'd probably be a nostalgic experience for sure.
If I do try an akabeko workshop, I think I'll make a "nemubeko" as well lol