Dec. 17, 2020
Another thing that's so amazing about Japan. The nature here is just incredible. Back where I'm from, there's no way you'd find a place that's just nestled amongst the trees like this. On top of that, the rustic feel just completely removes you from the every day city life. What's even more amazing about this is that it's not like this is something that's uncommon and can only be found in a select few places. Gorgeous places like this can be found all over Japan, and they all have something unique about them. It's like everywhere you look there's something beautiful to be found. That food looks amazing too! lol

Enjoy Traditional Japanese Scenery and the Myoken Onsen Spa at "Wasure no Sato Gajoen" in Kagoshima Prefecture! The Thatched-Roofed Inn, Surrounded by Lush Mountains, Is Sure to Make For a Lifelong Memory!

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