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🚘 How 🚘 to get to "Xishi Bridge"

I will introduce how to get to the Taiki Town autumn foliage spot "Keiishi Bridge" that only those in the know know!

The Xiishi Bridge is the only steel arch bridge in the Taiki Town over the Nubinai River.
It is a healing spot where you can see beautiful rivers, bridges, and autumn leaves.
There is also a place next to the bridge where cars can be parked, so you can relax and enjoy the natural air.
Please go for a drive!

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Oct. 2, 2023
🍁 Recommended spots 🍁 in Taiki Town autumn The place where you can feel autumn in Taiki Town is "Sakashita Sensakai" where you can see beautiful autumn leaves. It's a little far away, so I'll show you how to get there! (1) If you run on the Shimizu Taiki Line (Hokkaido Route 55) from the upper Satsunai, you will see the sign on the right, and if you are coming from Taiki, you will see the sign on the left, so turn along the arrow. (2nd photo) (2) The orange bridge "Bikei Bridge" will come into view, so we will pass it. (3rd photo) (3) On the way, the road changes from paved road to gravel road, but if you continue on, you will see the orange bridge "Sakashita Ohashi", so you will pass it. (4th photo) (4) When you pass another gray bridge, you will see dairy farmers. A little further past the dairy farmer, there is a road divided into right and left, but please proceed towards the sign on the left. The sign says "Rekifune River tributary forest road" and you enter the forest road. (Photos 5 and 6) (5) Continue on the forest road for a while. When it rains, there are places that get muddy, and there are times when broken trees are falling, so go slowly. (7th photo) (6) I arrived at the "Hikata Bridge" over the Sakashita Senkai. (8th photo) There is a little space on the right after crossing the bridge, so you can park or make a U-turn. Visit Taiki's topic article "How to get to "Sakashita Senzai"" has more detailed directions, so please refer to it and go feel the autumn!