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Today, I would like to introduce "mihyaru" post "Nagano Prefecture Zenkoji's Komainu".

The snow fluttering and the dignity of the Komainu dog that feels the history are impressive.

"Zenkoji Temple" in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture in the Koshinetsu region is a non-sectarian temple that anyone can visit regardless of the denomination that was founded before the sect split in Japan.
The main hall is designated as a National Treasure as one of the largest wooden buildings in the East Japan. In addition, the bell tower and Niomon gate were registered as national registered tangible cultural properties (buildings).

The "Zenkoji Temple Opening Book" held once every seven years is a famous event as a grand ceremony of Zenkoji Temple.
During the opening period, the Buddhism Flower Festival and various rituals are held. A beautiful paper cut "Mikaisho Special Goshuin" will also be distributed in limited quantities.

The area around Zenkoji Temple is full of sightseeing spots.
There are plenty of soba noodles in front of the Zenkoji gate, and why not stop by the long-established "Kuichi Soba Imamura Soba Main Store" and the reasonably priced "Juwari Soba Daizen".
Local sake, miso, and soy sauce koji that can be purchased at the brewery's directly managed store "Zenkoji Gaien Nishinomon Yoshinoya" are recommended as souvenirs.

◆Zenkoji Temple◆
【Address】〒380-0851 Nagano Prefecture, Nagano City, Nagano Motoyoshi-cho 491-A
JR Tokyo Station (about 1 hour and 30 minutes by Hokuriku Shinkansen) → JR Nagano Station
JR Shin-Osaka Station (about 1 hour by Tokaido Shinkansen) → JR Nagoya Station (about 3 hours by Chuo Line Limited Express "Shinano") → JR Nagano Station

From Tokyo
Chuo Expressway [Okaya JCT]→ Nagano Expressway [Sarahani JCT]→ Joshinetsu Expressway [Nagano IC]
Kan-etsu Expressway [Fujioka JCT]→ Joshinetsu Expressway [Nagano IC]

From Osaka
Meishin Expressway [Komaki JCT]→ Chuo Expressway [Okaya JCT]→ Nagano Expressway [Sarahani JCT]→ Joshinetsu Expressway [Nagano IC]

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Feb. 17, 2021
It is a guardian dog of Zenkoji in Nagano Prefecture
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