Jun. 2, 2024
[Image1]Fireworks 🎆 in the sky of Odaiba

Fireworks 🎆 in the sky of Odaiba

"STAR ISLAND 2024" will be the first Held in in Tokyo
Events Held in around the world have landed in Tokyo for the first time!
The history of Odaiba is that the Edo shogunate, which felt threatened by Perry's arrival in Japan in 1853 (Kaei 6), built six daiba (artillery batteries). In the process leading up to the present, the 3rd Daiba and the 6th Daiba have been preserved, and the 3rd Daiba is preserved as a park, and the 6th Daiba is preserved on the Ocean as a historical site rich in nature and valuable academically!

I'm 🤤 looking forward to next year

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